Would you deal Horford, Crowder, Rozier and a non nets/LA 1st for LeBron?

25 (61%)
16 (39%)

Total Members Voted: 40

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Re: Would you buy low on LeBron?
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To me, the question reads: would you be willing to get a good value for the best player in the NBA?

Umm, yup.

I don't see how people would say no to this. We have nothing close to Lebron. IT is miles away from him.

You'd be replacing Ainge and Stevens, and tearing down a core that was being created for the future.  All for 1-2 years of a rental that wouldn't take us an further than the Celtics now.  Pretty horrible outcome.

I do agree with all of this. I think if the Warriors did not exist you would still have to probably accept the chance to take on Lebron because there would be a very good chance of winning a title in the next year or two with Hayward, IT and Lebron etc. However, given our team with Lebron would still be an underdog to the big 4 in Oakland, why would we give up Tatum and Brown to be a team with no high upside young players 2 years from now. It really wouldn't make any sense and could set up the team for a very lengthy rebuild starting a year or two from now.

I also think Lebron, and really great players in general, can be extremely difficult to manage as they enter their mid 30's. They are no longer the best player in the league, but they are often the last to acknowledge their decline in skills and abilities (many pro athletes across sports have openly discussed this). I definitely think there is a chance this becomes a big issue with Lebron in the next couple of years. (Also just so it is clear I am not hating on Lebron here, I am very concerned with this happening to Brady and the Pats in the next couple of years)

Re: Would you buy low on LeBron?
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Sure, I'd buy low on him. I'm just not sure Cleveland would sell low on him. It's not like Horford helps them much if they are going to have to rebuild.

But I do think that a year in Boston with a competitive trip to the Finals could get him to stay. It's not like either LA team would really give him a shot to win it all anytime soon.