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Re: Glen Taylor's weird (and now public) request of Wiggins
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Seems like he has some ulterior motives - GT does.

I hope it serves to sow some seeds of division, TBH.

An All-Time great Big Man from Minny was traded from there and came to BOS about a decade ago...with that team (at the time) going nowhere.

I also thought that KG had some issues with lack of players and help around him in Minny....didn't KG mention something about the ownership back then? Not so much Coach McHale but the ownership?

THIS particular issue with Wiggins is small but annoying. But SIMILAR issues over the next couple of years like this could force yet ANOTHER Big Man from Minny to us..

I know it's a LONNNNGGGGGG shot but a man can dream.

Keep that Treasure Chest of options open, Danny. I'll take either Anthony Davis or KAT, please.
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Re: Glen Taylor's weird (and now public) request of Wiggins
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Are we sure there aren't issues with Wiggins behind the scenes? Maybe Taylor knows something we don't? Wasn't Wiggins billed as a potential stud defender coming out of college? I haven't watched a ton of him, but it doesn't seem like he's lived up to his potential defensively. Either way, I personally don't hate the idea of an owner having a discussion with his player before making a massive financial commitment.
You don't think the owner has already had those conversations with his player.  Or at the very least high level management, including the coaches, haven't had those conversations.  It isn't like Wiggins was just drafted or they were thinking about adding him as a free agent, he has been there for 3 years. 

and even if everything you say is true and Taylor really hasn't had any conversations with his player, why on earth would he say any of that to the media?  It makes absolutely no sense. 

I'm more convinced Wiggins ends up as the main piece in an Irving trade now.

Wouldn't Teague and Irving be extremely redundant? It also creates a roster imbalance for them where their pieces actually fit together really nice right now. While it is "good" value for the Cavs does it really help them next year? Their starting backcourt would be Rose and Jr Smith? That isn't beating golden State...
they aren't beating Golden State anyeay

Re: Glen Taylor's weird (and now public) request of Wiggins
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I mean, he has to meet with Wiggins to tell him to get better before he will give him an extension.  First, shouldn't he already know what Wiggins commitment, work ethic, etc. is?  Second, why on earth would he tell the media this?

He's telling the media that A) he's going to max out Wiggins and B) he needs Wiggins to be better. Right now, he's a one dimensional player that''s not worth a max. He must think Wiggins needs a kick in the butt as motivator. Lack of defense + need for external motivation=not a Brad Stevens guy.