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I saw IT tweet on Sully Should be signed. Do you guys think someone will take a mini flyer on him this year?

I actually wish Danny Ainge would take a low cost flyer on Sullinger rather then the stack of international nobodies and random rookies he keeps signing. Sully his issues but at least we know he can rebound, can make plays in the paint, and can bang around a little. I don't think he's an issue long as we limited him to aroud 20 20 MPG.                                                                                                   

I remember him being unplayable in the playoffs two years ago because he was just too slow for the pace of the game.  I'd rather gamble on someone that might actually develop.

He's fine as long as he plays within himself and doesn't try to do too much.

The problem is that during that playoff run Brad (for some reason I just cannot fathom) kept trying to force things through him, and he's just not that type of player.

The man can't shoot outside 16-18 feet, he can't make decisions on the fly, and he cannot make contested shots in one-one-one situations.  Yet Brad constantly tried to set up him to fling up threes, and kept running plays through him in crunch time.

Defensively in all honesty his issues were more to do with his lack of vertical.  Bigger players would just shoot straight over him. 

But the fact is that he was just being force fed getting too many minutes, and the more minutes he played the less efficient he tended to become.  Give him 15-20 minutes off the bench (filling in alongside more mobile bigs like Marcus Morris and Al Horford) and bring his three point attempts down to max 1 per game and he'd be perfectly fine. 

In his rookie year when he played less minutes and shot a career low number of attempts from three, he had the best season arguably of his career and was actually pretty efficient from the floor. 

Fact is that right now we are desperate for a rebounder who isn't a complete offensive liability, and Sullinger would fill that role better then Zizic, Baynes or Morris in their current states.

Better than Baynes and Morris?? You forgot to