Author Topic: ESPN: Bagley skips senior year & going to Duke. Projected #1 pick in next draft  (Read 11295 times)

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My worry about this kid is that he reminds me too much of Julius Randle. No rim protection and spotty jump shot. Anybody who has watched him closely think differently?

He's a better, bouncier athlete than Randle (even though Randle is a good athlete).

One of Bagleys key strengths is defense which is one of Randles weaknesses.

Definitely see the similarities.  Both 6'10 with shortish wingspans and no jumper.

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I hope we get the second pick so we can get one of Bagley or Porter. It's a win-win if you ask me. If we get a 3-5 pick then there is still no shortage of talent (Ayton, Bamba, Doncic, Sexton, Williams).
The 2019 draft doesn't look too shabby either, if we don't get the pick in 2018, just very short on very skilled players right now but they have a whole year to grow in HS and then a year in college.