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This was originally posted as a response to an insinuation that Vuc is a one-trick rebounding pony:

Vucevic shot around 31% from three last year, taking 1 shot per game.  Before that, the most he had averaged per game was in his first year, .2 per game, when he shot 37.5%.  Perhaps he took five times more per game this year as it is a shot he is working on and adding to his arsenal.  V is a guy that had a 19.19 PER last year and has been the epitome of consistency for the last five years!!

And as you mentioned, his salary is a REAL BARGAIN for a legit big man in today's market!!!

Notice that he has also averaged almost 3 assists per game the last two years on HORRIBLE Magic teams!!!

He has also averaged around 17 points per game and around 10 rebounds per game the last three years!!

He is NOT a one trick pony!!!!


P.S.  How can we arrange perhaps a three-way trade to make this happen??  The Magic would likely HAVE to get back a center, as trading Vuc would leave them with only an under-sized (height wise) center in Biyombo.