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Best Individual Season By A Celtic Since 1990
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What has been the best individual season performance by a Celtic since 1990?

Here are some contenders:

Isaiah Thomas 2016-17: Led the EC in scoring (28.9), the highest average of any Celtic since '88, on historical efficiency numbers relative to the volume of scoring (.463/.379/.909 2.8 TO), led the Celtics to 53 wins and an EC Finals berth.

Kevin Garnett 2007-08: Decent numbers (19 and 9) belie the impact of the cultural impact Garnett had on the Celtics. Earned a DPOY (the only major individual award a Celtic has won since '86), had a 25.3 PER (the highest for a Celtic since '88), led the Celtics to a historically great defense and helped bring banner #17. Also had 12.9 WS, tied with Paul Pierce for the most since '88.

Paul Pierce 2005-06: Pierce's best individual statistical season averaging 27-7-5 on .471/.354/.772, a career best 10.3 FTA per game, and his highest PER (23.6). 5th straight all star game. The Celtics were bad (33-49) but Pierce carried as heavy a load as he ever did, leading the team in points, rebounds, steals, and 2nd in assists.

Paul Pierce 2001-02: Pierce's coming out party. 26-7-3 on .442/.404/.809,  Highest WS of his career (12.9, tied with Kevin Garnett for highest by a Celtic since '88) and made his first all star game while leading the Celtics to 49-33 and an EC Finals appearance.

Larry Bird 1989-90: Last great Bird season. Returned from only playing 6 games the year before to average 24-9.5-7.5. Led the Celtics to 52-30 but upset by the Knicks in the first round. Lesser Bird was still one of the greatest all around players ever.

Re: Best Individual Season By A Celtic Since 1990
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KG '08

Larry '90 runner-up.
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Re: Best Individual Season By A Celtic Since 1990
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