Author Topic: Cavaliers (1-0) at Celtics (0-1) ECF Game #2 5/19/17  (Read 26701 times)

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Re: Cavaliers (1-0) at Celtics (0-1) ECF Game #2 5/19/17
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You can't move Al.

Listen to offers on thomas. If someone gives you a great offer(unlikely) then pull the trigger. Otherwise keep the 2 of them and exist as a pretender until the opportunity to leap to contention presents itself.

These playoffs have more solidified my stance on trading Bradley. It makes way too much sense.
Yup Bradley is not very good aside from defense he's poor at everything else. He's not a reliable shooter don't care how much he averages or what dude is streaky always injured and can't be relied upon. He can't dribble he can't pass and he can't finish.
"7ft PG. Rondo leaves and GUESS WHAT? We got a BIGGER point guard!"-Tommy on Olynyk

Re: Cavaliers (1-0) at Celtics (0-1) ECF Game #2 5/19/17
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Ugh, wow.... that was embarrassing. Kind of crazy to see that we were holding up better against Cleveland in '15 when we were swept and it was the first playoffs of this group.

What is frustrating is that we had many open looks in the 1st quarter, pretty much as in our previous series, and we couldn't make them, as if there was a mental hurdle because we are facing Cleveland. And, in a way, playing scared, despite what IT said. From there it escalates  very quickly.

I've rarely seen such a level of dominance though, we're basically overmatched so it confirms to me the best strategy is to draft Fultz, keep building through the draft, and "wait" for LeBron to retire or at least decline.