Author Topic: Orioles' Adam Jones Berated by Racist Taunts at Fenway Park  (Read 6438 times)

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Re: Orioles' Adam Jones Berated by Racist Taunts at Fenway Park
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Mike Lupica found a witness:

So the 1 witness the media was able to find, of the 34,000 people in attendance, has been totally discredited. No witness, no video, no proof whatsoever. Yet, let's all just accept Jones' story as fact.

Isn't journalism about being skeptical and questioning everything to uncover the truth? This is the biggest story in the country right now, based on a tale from an emotional SJW baseball player after a heated game, and it makes our city look terrible! Nary a whimper from the majority of Bostonians and Boston media. It's pathetic.

I find it weird that you're trying to poke holes in the story, as oppose to just assuming that Jones wasn't hearing voices in his own head.

If one person was yelling at Jones, that shouldn't say anything about Boston. A reasonable person can understand that one person doesn't represent all fans.

I wouldn't worry about people making blanket statements about Bostonians. I also wouldn't worry about people who make blanket statement against blacks, liberals, etc. It's nearly impossible to make a valid point about a group by lumping everyone together.

As with many things, it's probably less the offensive individual that makes Boston look bad, but the many "blame the victim" tacit support of the offensive language that has the lasting reputation. It would be pretty easy to say "that sucks, if someone I knew said that I wouldn't hang out with them again. Buy you a beer?" rather than telling a victim of racist language to stop making stuff up.