Author Topic: KG: "I want to be involved with a winning organization, help young guys progress  (Read 1817 times)

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Ty lue offered an assistant coach position to KG last year and he strongly considered it apparently

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I would love to see KG here. It is always beneficial to have your greats within the organization. However, I think he wants to be a part owner and I am not sure he can achieve that in Boston. But we check his boxes; winning organization, lots of young guys. Who knows.
Who knows we might be able to give him a small stake

Rich folks do not give away stakes like that. What happened to Boston being publicly traded?

Oops I see Wyc's group took company private in 2003 when they bought the team.
Well by give I don't mean giving it for free KG has to pay. I meant Wyc can let KG buy a small stake (don't think KG is delusional enough to think he can get anything for free)
****cago Bull****