Author Topic: Bulls (0-0) at Celtics (0-0) Game 1 4/16/17  (Read 17351 times)

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Re: Bulls (0-0) at Celtics (0-0) Game 1 4/16/17
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We could use two superstars on this team.

I've been saying adding Butler would not make them contenders. The fact that there is a good possibility Smart won't turn into an all star hurts us in the long term. I was really disappointed in Crowder who has not been up to par in big games. Bradley isn't consistent on D anymore and he didn't play efficiently on offense this game.

Idk, I'm not a huge fan of this roster. IT is the only guy I feel can play against the big boys. Not sure about anyone else. Seems like a soft team to me. Also BS deserves some blame as well.

Yep plenty of blame to throw around