Author Topic: "Headband Rondo" is walking triple double, but Bulls have a ban on headbands  (Read 453 times)

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I was looking up info on headband rondo (the fact that he was a walking triple during his games while wearing a headband and on nationally televised games)

A study showed that rondo plays much better while wearing a headband:

I discovered the bulls have a longtime ban on headbands:

Just some interesting things I found

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I'm honestly worried about Rondo. If it were Cavs-Bulls, I wouldn't be surprised to see Rondo mailing it in. But we're the team that traded him away. Rondo giving a ton of effort is a real threat, IMO.
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Pretty sure he'd be plenty motivated to knock LeBron out of the playoffs; that aside we need to guard him at the three point line, he's been very respectable from long range these few seasons
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