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Spurs to channel their inter Celtics energy to win this game
OR they are channeling their inner Celtics en route to a 44 pt loss.

They look so lost on offense.

Yeah, it doesn't look good for the Spurs.

But it didn't look good for us down 21 last night either

did you see the little funny antimated  thing of Lucky the Leprechaun spanking Lebron ?  its the funniest thing ever ,  i don't know how to copy it computer chanllenged , but it belongs on the Celtic blog.

Yeah I saw it. PURE GOLD.

Unfortunately I don't know how to add it here either...  :(
There you go


Now I just hope Lebron doesn't do that to us tomorrow  :P
yeah, didn't appreciate the flip version of that being played by TNT after that disaster of game 2
It occurs to me that in both versions of his gif, it's Lebron James (single person) and Lucky (representative of the entire team). Individual versus team, even though the Cavs have 2 other all stars on their roster.

Just interesting.
Orlando Magic
G - Terrence Ross/Elfrid Payton/D.J. Augustin/Arron Afflalo/Evan Turner*/Joe Johnson*
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C - Bismack Biyombo/Marreese Speights/Khem Birch/Omer Asik*/Ekpe Udoh*

So many picks now.