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What about packaging Porzingis and Melo this summer for the Brooklyn pick, Crowder, and other assets?

Let's say something like Porzingis, Melo, and the 2017 New York pick (around 6-8) for Crowder, Rozier, Yab, the 2017 Brooklyn pick (probably have to be number one or two overall), and the Memphis pick. We'd have to agree to this deal at the draft, pick for each other, then make the trade when we have cap space this summer, but it's certainly doable.

That's a pretty fair deal for both sides I think. It gives the Knicks a good "reset" with a good core moving forward, and it gives us an upgrade this year while not compromising the future of our team. I really like Porzingis' fit with this current group, and he'd fit well with our young core, too. That'd give us the following lineup:

PG: IT, Smart
SG: AB, Monk (picked with the New York pick - love his potential fit between Smart and Brown)
SF: Melo, Brown
PF: Porzingis, KO or JJ (resigned)
C: Horford, Zizic

That's a championship caliber roster right there, and Melo's contract timeline works perfectly for Brown becoming a starter. Also that young core of Smart, Monk, Brown, Porzingis, and Zizic (not to mention the 2018 Brooklyn pick) is probably the best young core in the NBA and certainly challenges the other young cores in Minny, Philly, and LA.

I think Phil would ultimately really consider this deal for two reasons: 1) this would give him an ideal starting point for a reset with a franchise cornerstone with the first or second pick in the draft, and 2) this is probably a trade that Melo agrees to, which gets him out of New York and away from Phil.

Would you do it?

EDIT: They might want Zizic over Yab to make it work, but I'd probably still do that.
That's not at all a fair deal for the Knicks.  The Knicks wouldn't trade Porzingis straight up for the Brooklyn pick.  Why in the world would you think they'd have to include their own 2017 pick to make it a fair deal?  The Knicks reset starts around Porzingis and whoever they draft with their own pick.  Trading both of those for the Brooklyn pick would put them in a significantly worse rebuild position.

The first pick in the draft, which I assumed the pick would pretty much have to be, is certainly just as valuable if not more than Porzingis. Draft picks like that always get an exaggerated value around the draft, because the drafts and top prospects are always overly hyped.

The trade breakdown goes like this:

Porzingis for the Brooklyn pick and Crowder = certainly fair, especially with as high as Phil reportedly is on Crowder.

Melo and their 2017 pick for the Memphis pick, Rozier, and Zizic (who many suggest would be a top-10 pick this year) = I think that's pretty fair, too, especially with as low as Melo's value is. You might have to include the Clippers pick, too, but that shouldn't be a deal breaker.

I think a Crowder, Rozier, Zizic, Markelle Fultz/Lonzo Ball, and Memphis pick young core is just as good of a starting core as Porzingis and Malik Monk. And going this trade route gives them two more years of the franchise star (Fultz) over Porzingis, along with several more long-term prospects to start over with. This also allows them to properly tank and rebuild the next several years instead of having Melo keep them just bad enough to be out of the playoffs, while not good enough to get a top pick.
Porzingis has already proven himself to be a good, young NBA player with star potential.  No one in this draft has proven anything.  Lots of good potential in this draft but I don't see a sure fire franchise star.  Fultz could end up being Mudiay with knee issues. 

As for the 2nd part of the trade, Rozier has little value and a 2 year out protected pick doesn't have much value either.  I wouldn't take Zizic top 10 in this draft.  There is not a big demand for old school centers.  Even if Zizic and the 2019 Memphis pick would get you the Knicks 2017 pick which I doubt, they'd be trading Melo for Rozier. 

If I'm the Knicks and want to go into rebuild mode, I'd try to trade Melo to the Bulls for their 2017 1st (currently 14th).  Chicago was Melo's 2nd choice a couple years ago so he may waive his no trade clause for them.  Less sure that he do so for us.  Assuming that the Bulls want to keep Butler, they are going to need make a move to add established talent and there's not much realistically available in free agency.
tazzmaniac is right. If the Knicks want to rebuild, the last thing they'd do is trade Porzingis. And I also don't think they'd trade him for the #1 pick, straight up.

The only reason they might ever let Porzingis go, I think, is if they decide to go the opposite way. Say, "Screw rebuilding, I want to win now" and try to get as much out of Carmelo's last years as they can. It's not the preferred method but if they are truly stuck with Carmelo, they won't be bad enough to bottom out and get good young help for Porzingis but they also can't really compete with those two on such disparate timelines.
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