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Re: Celtics (40-22) at Suns (20-42) Game #63 3/5/17
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This is by far the worst loss of the season imo, even worst that that Chicago game.  I haven't been able to get over it since yesterday.

We did what we've been doing for the entire season, play down and lackadaisical to the opponent.  No effort, no guts, no sense of urgency, just same old **** we've been doing. 

The entire team is to blame (maybe except Smart), then IT ****ed us.  He has cost us games this season with his one-man show.  I hope he understands that without those guys around him covering his defensive weaknesses, he wouldn't be hailed as he's been.  Why not take those guys' efforts seriously?  Hell, why not reward those guys' efforts by not blowing a game within arm's reach?

Quit the whole dumb Mr. 4th quarter BS, stop pointing to your wrist, and just play the game the right way, or get your behind back on the bench and play the 6th man to a guy who cares.   

This is baffling...
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Re: Celtics (40-22) at Suns (20-42) Game #63 3/5/17
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Omg, do I really have to break it down for you? First, I barley even post in the game thread and I need to chill? Lol okay dude. Jpotter, all you do is whine. It's pretty sad stuff. We're not winning a ring this year, enjoy the ride. You nor I have any idea what Rozier will be. Stevens plays Rozier alot and that's awesome because it will help him develop. Like I said, it's sad you have nothing better to do but obsessively criticize players on this team when who knows if they will be on the team during our championship run.

Second, you're really going to throw backup pg stats at me? Who cares if he comes off the bench, lol. He plays 30 minutes a game...You also basically listed players that I really don't care much for. That includes Louis Williams who can't play any D. Good regular season player, but not a championship one.

Smart is a championship player. He is a great roleplayer. YOU SAID HE WOULD MAKE A JUMP. He didn't imo. If you do, that's great but you can't provide any evidence with the exception of the eye test. I'm sorry but that doesn't work in debates because I'm not using your obsessive Smart Fanatic Goggles. I can't see through your eyes.

I seriously can't wait to see your reaction in the playoffs. If you act like this during a regular season game, you'll probably have a stroke during the playoffs. Just remember, this team is about the future and not now. Take a breath. Go out for a walk. Hangout with your family. No reason to overreact during the games.

I think you're in love with me, tankcity.

I do kind of find it ironic and a bit humorous that you're telling me to relax when you're outright attacking me because I said a player you like is not very good at basketball.  :P

But seriously, brah, you do have a seriously unhealthy obsession with me and Rozier, and you need to relax and stop taking things so personally. I'm honestly not even sure what you're upset about at the moment. I literally never said anything about Smart versus Rozier. You're the one that brought that up.

So I have absolutely no idea why you brought that old argument up again, or why you even attacked me in the first place lol. I literally just said Rozier is not a very good basketball player for us right now. I'm not sure why that would provoke so much angst from you.
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