Author Topic: Danny Ainge's leverage explained by a scene from a real mediocre movie  (Read 323 times)

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If anyone's seen the movie 'The Gambler' I thought it was really mediocre, but this one scene always comes to mind, when I am thinking about why Ainge has made the moves hes made and since the 'we need a hungry GM thread' I havent been able to get it out of my head.

WARNING: scene is completely based around F-bombs.

No one can put Danny's balls in a vice. Hes in good position now and hes in good position for the future. He has max cap room, hes the most attractive destination with it, hes got a couple great prospects and picks and hes got a great team with a single player over 30 years old.

Danny Ainge is operating from a position of **** you.

You want me to overpay for Butler? **** you
You want me to mortgage the future for George? **** you
You expect me to overpay for your little role-player? **** you
You want me to take a chance on Cousins? no **** you.
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best scene in the entire movie.