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The one thing no one has mentioned is you really have no idea what Brooklyn will look like next season.  Sure we can all presume they aren't going to be very good, but you just don't know that for sure.  Who knows, maybe it has always been ____ dream to play in NY/Brooklyn.  Maybe signing that player, other players follow suit.  Maybe Phil Jackson convinces Anthony to go across town and play in Brooklyn with Brook Lopez and they end up as a 30+ win team.  Sometimes it is better to go with the known vs. the unknown.  Sometimes it is not.

Yeah, we've heard the argument enough around here that last year's Nets would be better than expected, and we saw how that turned out.  This year's team could win 25-30 games.  Uh huh.  And now it's time for next year's team to be the one to improve itself in free agency, despite the pretty weak free agency class this year.  Forgive me if I suggest that this line of reasoning has been proven wrong multiple years in a row.
Nets would have been a lot better with Crabbe and Johnson though.  Two guys they actually signed only to watch their contracts get matched.  They also signed Motiejunas only to see Houston match that contract.  Maybe now that teams don't have all this free cash, maybe they actually get some of those restricted free agents.  Is Boston going to match 15 million a year on Olynyk (as an example)?

If Kelly Olynyk is good enough to improve the Nets by 10 wins next season, I'd really hope that the Celtics match $15 million a year, because that will be a big loss.

The Nets will get zero restricted free agents next summer.  They might get some free agents who are eligible to be restricted, and who are not given a qualifying offer, but they will get none that are good enough for teams to have a qualifying offer on, because teams don't let those players go.  As evidenced by the three attempts they made at signing such a player in the past year.
I don't think KO alone would be good enough for 10 wins, but I think he would be a good fit next to Lopez (or backing him up) and would make them a better team.  If they get better health from Lin, add some other players in the KO quality, plus regular growth from young players, they certainly could be a 25-30 win team.  I mean the Sixers signed Henderson and Bayless last summer, why wouldn't those type of players end up in Brooklyn as well.
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