Author Topic: Does anyone here live in/around Cleveland?  (Read 1125 times)

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Re: Does anyone here live in/around Cleveland?
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I grew up in the Valley View and went to the Cuyahoga Heights Schools.  That's a little outside Cleveland but quite close and easy to get in the city.

It's a really nice suburban area with lots of nice forest and parks if you're into that.  The schools there were great as well and recommended.   We had a great school system with elementary, middle, and high school in one big complex that even had an olympic size pool and everything.  Classes were a good size with awesome teachers.  I have seen education in other states and that was certainly the best I had.  You should give it a look.

I never had enough experience with other areas to tell you how to avoid snow or too much about the commute since we didn't have that situation.  But for a kid growing up and our family it was a great area.

Great people in Ohio so I think you will like that part of it.

Thanks, I'll look into that area too as we go along.
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Re: Does anyone here live in/around Cleveland?
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Hey -- congrats on the post-doc!  I will be spending 3 days  in Cleveland May 21-23 - a conference.  A lot of Cleveland natives will be there -- I might be able to ask around if you have specific questions at that time.  Let me know.