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College B'ball off to a good start
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:49:20 AM »

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Two really good games Arizona/Mich State and Indiana/Kansas to kickoff the season.  Also watched SFA/Kentucky.  Some observations:

1) Jay Bilas was raving about the quality of the incoming freshman and how good and deep the draft should be. 
2) Watching college refs for a few games would mute the complaints about NBA refs.  Several obvious missed calls. 
3) There apparently is an emphasis on post play and displacing the defense player for position.  Hopefully they'll ease up on this.  A few iffy calls led to unnecessary foul trouble. 
4) Quite a bit of flopping going on which the refs rewarded.  They ought to emphasize getting that out of the game. 
5) As to the players:
Miles Bridges/Mich St:  Great athleticism, good size but lacks desired height/length.  Seems to have a good overall skillset.  Looked comfortable shooting 3s even though he mostly missed. 
Lauri Markkanen/Arizona:  Solid play all around.  Prototype stretch 4.  Very comfortable shooting 3s but has the size to be effective in the post too.  Foot speed a bit slow especially laterally on defense.   
De'Aaron Fox/Kentucky:  Looked really good and very enjoyable to watch.  True PG.  Ran the fast break and half court offense very well.  Good vision. Crisp passing. Very good ball handling.  Good at creating his own shot.  Mostly solid D.   
Thomas Bryant/Indiana:  Looked really good on offense shooting 3s and in the post.  Aggressive.  Good rebounding.  Solid D but nothing spectacular.   
OG Anunoby/Indiana:  Solid play but nothing spectacular. 
Josh Jackson/Kansas, Bam Adebayo/Kentucky and Malik Monk/Kentucky had some foul trouble and didn't really show much.