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Here, each of the GMs representing a team in the Pacific Division will provide an introduction to their team.

For those participating, the opening blurbs can include some or all of the following:

1. Roster/depth chart
2. Statistics
3. Pictures
4. Statement regarding drafting philosophy (building for the future, contending now, etc.)
5. Toughest decision
6. Best move (trade, pick, etc.) / worst move
7. Your outlook for this coming season

It can be as substantial or as abbreviated as you want it to be. These threads are open to all members, not just those posters who participated in the draft. The more participation we get, the better.


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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Pacific Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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Team: Golden State Warriors
HC: Steve Kerr
Motto: "Fit, Flexible, Fun ;)"

Depth Chart:
PG: Eric Bledsoe/ Jeremy Lin/ Devin Harris
SG: Bradley Beal/ Gerald Henderson/ Glenn Robinson III
SF: Justise Winslow/ Doug McDermott/ Brandon Ingram / Quincy Acy
PF: Myles Turner/ Josh McRoberts/ Juan Hernangomez
C: Steven Adams/ Cristiano Felicio

General Team Overview:
After a busy few weeks in the CB draft, I’m very happy with how the 2016 CB Golden State Warriors turned out. The  team was built in the mold of the GS offense, with semi positionless play, a passing offense, shooting and strong defense. Though this team may not have a top ten superstar, or 4 like the current Warriors, when you look at the sum of the pieces, you see a team that’s greater than its individual parts. The team will be able to attack off the dribble with guards like Bledsoe and Lin, and make space for the sharpshooting Beal, Mcdermott, Turner and the attacking Winslow, Adams, Henderson, and Felicio. On defense, the team features even more flexibility to mix and matches pieces, but also has no real defensive weak spots. By mixing and matching players, the team can ensure every position is defended adequately, and elite rim protection affords the wing players some extra comfort in going after passing lanes to create easy points/

This team has the talent to compete right now, and with an average starting lineup age of under 23, with some of the top prospects coming off the bench, is also the team with the most potential to succeed going forward.

Starting Lineup and Key Contributors:
Eric Bledsoe
Position: PG  Height:  6’ 1” Weight: 205 lb
Team: Phoenix Suns  Age: 26  Experience: 6 years Number: 2
Dubbed Mini-Lebron early in his career, Bledsoe is a dynamic point guard who attack defenses, hounds opposing guards and will be the ball dominant leader of this team. In the GSW offense, Bledsoe will act as the catalyst, driving to the rim to open space for Beal, Turner McDermott, Ingram and Winslow, and also running devastating pick and rolls with Adams,Felicio and Turner. On defense his combination of speed and strength allow him to keep up with anyone.

Bradley Beal
Position: SG  Height: 6’ 5 ” Weight: 207 lb
Team: Washington Wizards  Age: 23  Experience: 4 years  Number: 3
The young sweet stroking guard is the perfect 2 in the Golden State offense. Similar to his RL setup with John Wall, beal will be able to focus on knocking down 3s and breaking down the defense after Bledsoe gets into the paint.

Justise Winslow
Position: SF/PF  Height: 6’ 7”  Weight: 225 lb
Team: Miami Heat  Age: 20  Experience: 1 year  Number: 20
The man the Celtics offered the farm for, Justise Winslow is already a dominating defensive presence and the starting SF in Miami. His goal on this team will be to smother opposing wings with his size and strength, while attacking the basket again with hard cuts after Bledsoe draws the big man, or off of a Bledsoe-Turner ⅕ pick and pop. His shooting is still a work in progress, but he has the form to succeed and will be managed according to his strengths

Myles Turner
Position: PF/C  Height:6’ 11” Weight: 243 lb
Team: Indiana Pacers  Age: 20  Experience: 1  Number: 33
Another young guy who has already established himself as an NBA starter, Myles Turner is the prototype for modern big men. With his long frame and quick feet, he has shown the ability to stay with guys on the perimeter when needed, while also being a dominant rim protector and an outside threat. He will be devastating in P&R or p&p opportunities with Bledsoe/Lin, and also form a powerful twin towers defensive front with my final starter….

Steven Adams
Position: C  Height: 7’ 0”  Weight: 245 lb
Team: Oklahoma City Thunder  Age: 23 Experience: 3 years  Number: 12
One of the only pieces in the James Harden trade to actually pay off, Steven Adams truly emerged this postseason. A powerful rebounder and finished, Adams can anchor a defense and make the hard picks necessary to get the offense going. Playing in a Bogut 2.0 role in the GS scheme, Adams is a natural fit, and will help GS Boss the boards.

Jeremy Lin
Position: PG  Height: 6’ 3”  Weight: 200 lb
Team:  Brooklyn Nets Age: 27  Experience: 6 years   Number: 7
No longer just known for his Linsanity experience in NY, Jeremy Lin has proven himself to be a legitimate and talented point guard in this league. After learning to limit his turnovers. Lin could easily be a starting PG in this league, however he will be asked to run the second unit for GS, and fill in if there are injuries to the starting lineup. His flexibility to play either with Beal Or Bledsoe makes him even more important to the squad

Doug McDermott
Position: SF/PF Height: 6’ 8” Weight: 225 lb
Team: Chicago Bulls  Age: 24  Experience: 2 years Number: 13
The sweet shooting college superstar, Dougie Mcbuckets proves his shooting still translated to the NBA last season, knocking down 3s at one of the best percentages in the league. More than just a shooter, Doug shower the ability to put the ball on the floor and use his wide array o offensive skills to get those buckets. On the defensive end, he may not be able to handle the leagues top offensive wings, but he has established himself as a capable player and will be partnered with a wing stopper in most lineups

Josh McRoberts
Position: PF Height: 6’ 10”  Weight: 240 lb
Team: Miami Heat   Age: 29  Experience: 9 years  Number: 4
McRoberts is and under appreciated talent in this league. Injuries have plagued his last few seasons, however he has shown when playing to be an excellent passer from either post, and has decent range as well. Now that he's expected to be healthy and Bosh May not play, I expect McRoberts to be a key contributor and again is a great fit in the Golden state offense

Bench and Prospects:

Brandon Ingram
The number two pick in this years draft has a sweet offensive skill set and while he won't be pressed for minutes this early, he has the potential to be a game changing offensive force soon.

Juan Hernangomez
Another rookie, Hernangomez has shown the ability to drain threes in Europe and as he develops will help offer even more positional flexibility to this already Fluid team

Cristiano Felicio
A relatively unknown rookie last year for the Chicago Bulls, Felicio showcased a strong body and soft hands late in the season and channeled it into a spot on the Brazil team.  I expect him to continue to grow this season.

Devin Harris
A strong veteran presence on the bench, Harris will be a calming influence for the younger guys on the team, while still contributing as guard depth. He is here for his experience, but also will be able to chip in and get some minutes

Gerald Henderson
Another seeming underrated asset, Henderson will be the starting shooting guard in Philly this year, and I am thrilled to have him on my bench. Not known as a great shooter, Henderson shot 35% last season from 3, and offers hard cutting and great BBIQ. He also is athletic enough to play solid defense when he’s in.

Quincy Acy
A hard nosed competitor, Acy gives golden state the grit and grind needed to be a top contender. His ferocity translates across the team and he's shown some shooting ability too

Glenn Robinson III
In situations last year when GR3 made it on the floor, he looked like he had all the pieces to be an NBA player. He's buried right now in GS, but an expected breakout would move him up in the rotation

Rotations and Situational Matchups:
PG: Bledsoe (30)  /  Lin (12)  / Harris ( 6)                       
SG: Beal (30)   / Henderson (12) / Lin (6)
SF: Winslow (22 ) / McDermott (18 ) / Ingram (8)
PF: Turner (25) / McRoberts (8 ) / Winslow (8 ) / McDermott (7)
C: Adams (29) / Felicio (10) / Turner (9)

Additional: Acy, Hernangomez, GR3

PG: Bledsoe (35) / Lin (13)
SG: Beal (33) / Lin (10)/ Henderson (5)
SF: Winslow (28)/ McDermott (20)
PF: Turner (25) /McDermott (10) / Winslow (5) / McRoberts (8)
C: Adams (35) / Felicio (5) / Turner (8)
Additional: Harris, Acy, Hernangomez, Ingram, GR3

PG: Bledsoe
SG: Henderson
SF: Winslow
PF: Turner
C: Adams

PG: Bledsoe
SG: Beal
SF:  Winslow
PF: McDermott
C: Turner

PG: Bledsoe/Lin
SG: Beal
SF: Ingram/McDermott
PF: McDermott / Hernangomez
C: Turner

PG: Bledsoe
SG: Henderson
SF: Winslow
PF: Turner
C: Adams

Draft Notes:
Golden St. trades Andre Drummond, 5.8, 11.8
NY Knicks  trade 2.18, 3.18, 10.13

Brooklyn Nets trade 2.24, 3.24, 4.7, 5.22
Golden State Warriors trade 2.8, 4.23, 7.8, 12.23, 2 TPs

Memphis trades Bradley Beal, 10.11
Golden St. trades 3.08 and 8.23

Golden State sends: Brandon Bass
Charlotte sends: Cristiano Felicio, Devin Harris

- Traded back aggressively from my first spot to gain depth, picking 5 times within the first 3 rounds.
- May have jumped a bit too early on Brandon Ingram who is down in my rotation. Happy to have a player with his potential, but was unsure my team would be able to compete as well as they are when I went for youth.
- Loved my deep pick-ups (Felicio, Harris, Henderson, Acy, GR3). All of them are real contributors and think they help bolster an already strong lineup

Fluidity: The team was drafted to be able to play multiple different styles. In the new mold of “positionless basketball” the team can shift and play anything from lockdown defense, to raining threes. Matching perfectly with Coach Kerr’s philosophy, this team can find a weakness in another team and exploit
Youth: The starting lineup has an average age of 22.4 going into the season. While youth is not always the best way to go, all of these players have significant roles on their teams and the youngest players (Turner/Winslow) both showed they can play on the Big™ stage in the NBA playoffs. These players are all poise
Fit: The pieces work well with their partners. The two guards fit well together and can offer different skills, the Turner/Adams combination offers every big man skill imaginable

Experience: With youth comes inexperience. Most players have been to the playoffs, but not many have sniffed an NBA championship
Injuries: Eric Bledsoe and Bradley Beal both have legitimate injury concerns over   . To counter this, the team has capable backups in Lin, Harris and Henderson, each of whom could start.
Stars: The team has no clear alpha dog. The sum is greater than the parts, but sometimes one big part is all a team needs.

CB Draft: Golden State Warriors - 14.23
PG: Bledsoe/Lin/ Harris
SG: Beal/ Henderson/ Ingram
SF: Winslow/McDermott/
PF: Turner/ Acy / Hernangomez
C: Adams/ Turner/ McRoberts
DKC Nets:

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Pacific Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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Sacramento Kings

GM: Bucketgetter
Head Coach: Dave Joerger


PG - Damian Lillard / Wade Baldwin IV / D.J. Augustin
SG - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope / Rodney Stuckey / Jordan Adams
SF - Kawhi Leonard / Taurean Prince / James Jones
PF - Marvin Williams / Andrew Nicholson / Charlie Villanueva
C  - John Henson / Boban Marjanovic / Jeff Withey


PG - Damian Lillard [35] Wade Baldwin IV [13]
SG - KCP [32] Rodney Stuckey [16]
SF - Kawhi Leonard [35] Taurean Prince [13]
PF - Marvin Williams [32] Andrew Nicholson [10] Henson [6]
C  - John Henson [24] Boban Marjanovic [24]

Important Stats:
Damian Lillard - 25.1 PPG last year, 37.5% from 3 last year, 610 3 point attempts last year, 6.8 APG last year, 7.7 Offensive Win Shares (#9 in NBA), 22.25 PER

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 32.7% from 3 in career, 14.5 PPG last year, 36.7 MPG last year

Kawhi Leonard - 44.3% from 3 last year, 13.7 Win Shares (#4 in NBA), 21.2 PPG last year, 26.11 PER, 2X DPOY (last year and 2 years ago)

Marvin Williams - 40.2% from 3 last year, 378 3 point attempts last year, #12 in overall rim protection

John Henson - #2 in NBA in blocks per 36, #3 in NBA in FG% allowed, #11 in NBA in Contest%, #3 in NBA in Points Saved per 36, #8 in overall rim protection, 18.63 PER

Wade Baldwin IV - 42.2% from 3 in college career, 14.1 PPG last year, #17 pick in 2016 draft

Rodney Stuckey - 39% from 3 two years ago, 12.6 PPG two years ago

Taurean Prince - 37.6% from 3 in college career, 15.9 PPG last year, #12 pick in 2016 draft

Andrew Nicholson - 36% from 3, 78.5% free throw last year

Boban Marjanovic - 27.77 PER (#1 among Centers, #3 overall)

Drafting Philosophy: I knew coming in that in order for me to win, I had to do something different that just standing pat and drafting BPA in all my draft slots. With the level of knowledge of the other GMs I would be competing against, I knew that path would just lead to mediocrity. So I made two big moves, to move up and ensure I got my guy in Kawhi, and to pick up another 1st rounder to pair Kawhi with Damian Lillard, who complement each other perfectly and are the best duo in the Celticsblog league. I was able to do this without destroying my bench or the rest of my starting 5. I was able to pick up high quality role players in KCP, Williams, and Henson who all would play a specific role on my team.

KCP is an elite guard defender, and one of the premier "curry stoppers" in the league, so getting a guy like Lillard early who can't defend well, I knew I had to pair him with an elite defender at SG. A perimeter defense including KCP and Kawhi will allow Lillard to guard the easiest assignment 1-3 and let him focus all his energy on the offensive end. Marvin Williams is a great glue guy and the prototypical modern NBA 4, with his ability to space the floor with his 40.2% 3 point percentage on 378 attempts and ability to defend the highly valuable versatile forwards in this league. John Henson is a guy who has been underutilized and misused in Milwaukee since he was drafted there. An elite rim protector (see John Henson important stats for evidence), a good defender in space for a center, and a long, athletic lob-target, Henson should be playing the 5 and manning the paint on defense, while setting screens and catching lobs on offense. In Milwaukee, Henson had been forced to play mostly the 4 next to guys like Larry Sanders, Zaza, Monroe, and Plumlee. On defense this forces Henson away from the rim and on to the perimeter, which takes away his best asset in rim protection. And on offense on a team that already has guys like MCW, Giannis, and Jabari at the guard and wing positions as guys who can't shoot, playing Henson next to another center who can't space the floor exposes Henson's lack of shot making him useless on offense. In my scheme, Henson will be surrounded by 4 guys who can all hit the 3, allowing Henson to set screens and catch lobs off the pick and roll. On defense, he will be controlling the paint and allowed the block everything that comes his way, while playing next to physical players like Kawhi and Williams, and a guy like Boban to back him up and take some of the punishment that comes with being a center.

After I moved up to get Lillard, I expected my bench to be much thinner than it is. While it is not an elite bench by any means, I think it covers up for some of my starters weaknesses and complements them as well. Boban is an absolute monster at 7'3'' 290 with surprisingly good touch and athleticism who gives me the physicality Henson lacks. He's someone who if I match up with a guy like Drummond or Cousins I could start so I wouldn't be punished in the paint, and wouldn't have to worry about him being exposed in space due to my elite perimeter quickness with guys like KCP, Leonard, and Williams to help cover for him. Stuckey is the hidden gem of my second unit. I didn't think I would be able to find a guy who could create like him so late in the draft. He had a nasty high ankle sprain that affected his whole year last year, but two years ago he was lethal for Indiana. He shot 44% from the field and 39% from 3, averaging 12.6 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. He can be a solid 6th man for me, while helping run and create offense for the 2nd unit. Nicholson is another PF who can shoot it from 3 while also being a solid defender and rebounder. Baldwin IV and Prince are two rookies who I expect to come in right away and make a difference. While neither of them can create their own shot yet (which is why Stuckey will be given a lot of the ball handling duties), they both can defend at a high level and hit the 3 at a high level. I expect Joerger to mold Prince into Kawhi-lite by the seasons end. Due to the inexperience of Baldwin IV and Prince, I made sure I was able to get solid 3rd stringers at their positions just in case they falter, and D.J. Augustin and James Jones are proven NBA vets who have shown they have the ability to step in and contribute. The rest of my bench consists of Jeff Withey, Charlie Villanueva, and Jordan Adams who all fit the profiles of the starters and backups ahead of them at their positions so if anyone gets hurt, they can be counted on to replace them without having to change the game plan.

Best move: Trading up to get Lillard without selling the farm. I wanted to move up to pair Kawhi with another star but I wasn't going to jeopardize the rest of my team to do it. Luckily I was able to find a fair deal, get my second star, while still filling out the rest of my team the way I wanted.

Worst move: Falling asleep during the 5th round only to awake to missing my pick by 13 picks, and seeing my target (Clint Capela) go 11 picks after my pick was scheduled. I think Capela would have been able to give me what Henson gives me, but with more of a physical presence inside, but worse free throw shooting.

Outlook: This is a young, healthy, talented, athletic team who I expect to be a top seed and is competitive in every series and a real favorite to take home the ship.
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Pacific Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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Also does anyone know how to post gifs and pictures? I tried posting one of each but they both just pop up as question marks.
CB Mock Deadline - Minnesota Timberwolves
Kemba Walker / Tyus Jones / Aaron Brooks
Jimmy Butler / Jamal Crawford / Treveon Graham
Rodney Hood / Nic Batum / Marcus Georges Hunt
Taj Gibson / Nemanja Bjelica / Jonas Jerebko
KAT / Derrick Favors / Cole Aldrich
Picks - 2018 CHA 1st (Lotto protected), none out