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LarBrd33 Banished from Points League for Dominating
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So I joined the Lucky17/CelticsBlog Points League 2 years ago.  I immediately gloated that I'd burn a lot of bridges with endless trade offers.  I'm something of a fantasy basketball guru.  There's never been a league I've lost, but I know I have a tendency to pull off incredibly lopsided trades that cause controversy.   I took over a bottom 2 team that had been bottom 5 for 9 years straight.  Right on cue, I made 100+ trades to completely tear my team apart.  I bottomed out/tanked for the remainder of the season and tanked again last season.  I went full-blown Hinkie... young prospects and oodles of draft picks.  This summer, I converted all those assets into an unstoppable juggernaut.   A side-by-side comparison of the team before and after my feat:

With a couple months left in the season, it's blatantly clear my team is winning the title.   I'm in front of the team in 2nd place by over 3500 points:

It's also become clear that at this pace, my team is easily going to shatter the all time points record.   I'm essentially the 2015-16 Warriors if the 2015-16 Warriors were guaranteed to win 79 games this year.

Along the way, I burned some bridges... all of the controversy stemming from the trades I made.  Since the league has veto power in the hands of voters, every trade considered "lopsidded" was met with veto campaigns that I had to argue against.  This lead to pretty heavy debates.  I didn't make any friends.  In-fact, last summer a member of the league got so livid about my team's progress, so distraught at my methods that he felt were unfair, that he kind of stalked me outside of Celticsblog and harassed me (and others who tried to calm him down) to the point that he was banned from both CelticsBlog and this league.  This "drama" clearly rubbed some of the other league managers the wrong way.   It became clear to some of them that a common denominator in the "drama" happening within the league was LarBrd33 - which makes complete sense when you consider that 95% of the amazing lopsided trades happening in that league involved ... Dun Dun Dunnnn... LarBrd33.  I was a beacon of controversy, because my team was the driving-force of the vast majority of trades within the league.  I orchestrated a 6-team deal this Summer that was a tiny strategic part in me inevitably turning Joel Embiid into Damian Lillard, Brook Lopez, Kobe Bryant, and D'Angelo Russell.   I was playing 3-dimensional Chess while everyone else was playing tic-tac-toe.  I had my fingers in everything.  That clearly put me front-and-center with a lot of the league's slap fights. 

So now months after the controversy has subsided and it's clear that my team is coasting to a championship, I've been abruptly banned from the league.  My roster got pretty locked in a few months ago... my amount of trade offers basically dried up since there was no room to improve the team.  The timing of it seems firmly based in the fact that my team was unstoppable and I was deservingly gloating about it.  At no point did either of the commissioners byennie or eja117 give me any warning.  I just woke up to the news that I was being immediately removed from the league.  Without being able to set the team's lineup, it opens up the possibility for another team to win.  It's basically as if the NBA commish woke up one morning, decided, "we don't like how much Steph Curry and Draymond Green dance" and abruptly banished them from the league.

Anyways, since I was never given an opportunity to defend myself in the league and I'm banned from writing a response to the sudden "banishment", here's what I would have said:

What incidents is this based on?  Winning trades?  Writing silly press releases? 

The timing of the announcement is interesting considering there hasn't been anything controversial in the regular season this year and my trade offers basically dried up once I made that Lillard trade.  There's really no room for my team to get any better.   All that's happened is my team has straight-up dominated the league on an unprecedented level.  I'm on the verge of breaking the all-time points record pretty easily and my roster is young enough that it should remain on top for the foreseeable future.

Considering the amount of flack I've taken from some of you... I felt like a bit of gloating is well-deserved.  The trade deadline was over.  There was no point in posturing.  Let's not beat around the bush... my team is unbelievably good.  I broke the single-day points record by 110 points.  My team is coasting to the single-season points record by a pretty wide margin.

To toss me at this point is essentially an admission that I'm on a different level when it comes to fantasy basketball and you guys can't compete against me.  What else is it?   

When I joined the league two years ago, I made it clear that I would annoy some of you with persistent trade offers.  I've been in dozens of fantasy leagues.  I play to win.   It seemed like an interesting challenge... taking over a bottom 5 team in an established league and trying to turn it into a contender.   I succeeded in it and thensome.  At this point, I won. 

The "shadow league" had to have seemed more genuine when my team was bottom 2 and pestering everyone with hourly trade offers.   To embrace the "shadow league" or kick me out of the league at this point months after any controversy is basically saying, "Welp, we can't win.  LarBrd33 dominated.  Might as well kick him out or fold the league".  It's a sentiment that's been part of this league since before I joined... "We can't win... this league sucks".  That's how people felt about Utah/Pitts when I joined.  The difference is, instead of saying, "It's impossible", I embraced the challenge and succeeded at winning at all costs.  Everything I did was within the rules.   If "gloating" was a banish-able offense, eja/byennie should have warned me about it.   

Like I said a few months ago... am I seriously the only one who watched the first season of "Survivor"?  RIchard Hatch was despised by everyone throughout that season.  But at the end of the day, when it came to select a winner, they couldn't hold his personality against him.   He got fish.  He was a the deserved winner.   You guys want to hold it against me that I got fish... I don't understand that mentality.  It's basically the definition of being a poor sport.  Every trade I made in this league was consensual.  If you're mad at me for forming an unstoppable wrecking-ball of a team, blame yourselves for collectively losing that many trades to me.   But to kick me out after the fact is pretty shameful.

Whoever replaces me, I hope it's prompt.  The prompt and sudden banning of my team means the lineups can't be set.  It opens up the possibility that other teams will catch up... but I guess that was the entire point in throwing me out me in the first place... letting other teams catch up. 

Funny thing is, I was about 80% sold on the idea of leaving at the end of the season anyways.  The appeal of the league was about taking over a bottom 5 perennial loser in a 20-team dynasty league that had been running for 9+ years.  That sounded like a lot of fun.  Once I succeeded in turning that loser franchise into Space Jam's "Monstars", it started getting a little boring.   Still... banishing my team with two months left so it can't succeed in breaking the record is pretty spiteful. 
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We don't need any of this "look at me" nonsense on here.  If you're having issues in your fantasy league, take it to email or offline.  No need to air grievances here or kick up drama.  It's not a blog concern. 


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