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Duke vs Louisville
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Man Brandon Ingram looked bad today. Damion lee played well. And boy, Grayson Allen is looking like a real talent. Anyone think we could take him with our/mavs pick?
I could very well see the Hawks... starting Taurean Prince at the 3, who is already better than Crowder, imo.

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Re: Duke vs Louisville
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Aside from Ingram, Allen's scrappy. I like him. Seems to struggle against size though.

If Onuaku from Louisville declares and stays in the draft, he would be cool as a second rounder. Defensive minded center, good passing and shot blocking, although not too tall at 6'10. Great rebounder and strong too. Post moves simple and not a liability on offense at least. Vocal defensive leader, and age of a typical college freshman despite being a sophomore. Not very athletic, but I think he could be like a Gorgui Dieng. High Bball IQ and works hard like Dieng.

I watch all of UofL's games, and he's the only one on that team that I'd like the C's to consider drafting. Not a fan of Lee's prospects at all. I haven't given up on Rozier. He's fearless. I liked him over Harrell who I'm not excited about, and am glad they took a chance on Terry.
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Re: Duke vs Louisville
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I thought Dieng was a much better high post player than Onuaku has shown.  He could hit the elbow jumper consistently and was a good passer.  More mobile too if I remember correctly.

Allen is a great college player, but as you point out he struggles against size.  I don't think he's a mid first pick.  Man, he's a tough kid though.  Took that shot to the mouth and came right back out shooting.