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NBA 2k16 MyGM
« on: November 15, 2015, 08:35:35 PM »

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My team is the boston celtics, who have just come off a championship and own the rights to the #2 pick in the draft (reminds me of 1986). I started with a fantasy draft and then traded away some draft picks, so my team is

Bledsoe / Vasquez / Seth Curry
Derozan / Morrow / RJH
Hayward/ T Ross / Datome
A Davis/ KG / Harrell
Okafor/ Dieng / Bhullar

Ben Simmons will probably go 1st overall as he is the #1 prospect, so who should I take 2nd?
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Re: NBA 2k16 MyGM
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I would probably go for Ingram. You don't really need Skal, as you have AD, and Derozan is a free agent after this season. You could let I'm go, move Hayward to the 2, and start Ingram at the 3.