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Re: Lebron's Equality shoes and throwing shade at Trump
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This is why I applaud LeBron James for what he does.

Taking money from Nike to sell shoes?   LeBron has every right to say whatever he wants.   He is a major sports celebrity.   But I do not think he has even used one-tenth of the influence he has folks if he was truly interested in making a difference.   He is no Mohammed Ali, or the like.

Pres.  Trump is a horrible human being.  Thanks for enlightening me, GreenFaith1819 for letting me know some of that stuff.   I will be honest, as a veteran, I don't like the folks who kneel during the Anthem.   I think it is their right, but I don't like it either but I just change the channel. 

 I for the record, think people treated Pres. Bush, unfairly at times calling him stupid.   He was very gaffe prone.   Pres. Obama got treated unfairly a lot more and at times the disrespect people showed him made me angry.   I think the media is brutal to Pres. Trump, who deserves some but not all the treatment he gets.   But you make him sound like he is worse than Jefferson Davis and that is simply not true.  I think the man is a boor.  But he is the president, and I don't like the path we are beginning to tread in not respecting the office.   That is my opinion you don't have to share and we are all protected under freedom of speech.

As for racists being emboldening.    I think this stuff has always went on.   The media is covering it now is the main difference.   This happened during 2012 the last time Obama ran for office.

I can post a ton more.   But folks were pretty emboldened then, too.  But google "obama racism" and look at the images, it is downright horrifying.   These folks were just as emboldened then as now but the press covered it differently. 
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