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Re: 2016 Redsox Thread - Focus on obtaining pitching. Greinke is a FA
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They finally have someone new in charge of the baseball side of things with new ideas.

They should keep Clay because he is good as a 2 or 3. Keep Hanley and play him at 1st base. Keep Panda because his trade value is too low. Get a ace, I would get Cueto.
buchholtz can be a dominating pitcher....and he can be terrible...and he can be injured. what he has NOT proven in his career is that you can log a lot of innings. in the past five seasons his innings and ERA have been:

2011 = 82.2, 3.48
2012 = 189.1, 4.56
2013 = 108.1, 1.74
2014 = 170.1, 5.34
2015 = 113.1, 3.26

in the past five year, buchholz has had 1 incredibly good season, 2 good seasons, and 2 sucky season. not exactly a rock of stability.

and what is bothersome is that his two sucky seasons occurred when he did NOT lose time due to injury. maybe when he throws very well something in his mechanics results in injuries, i dont know. but it is not a happy stat.

moreover, he simply cannot be trusted to pitch consistently due to frequent injuries. plus, hard to believe it, he is 31 years old. (where do those years go?) his health is not about to suddenly improve in the immediate future.

i think buchholz has one year left on his contract at $13,000,000. yes, keep him for this year. but beyond this, i dont know if he is a good investment.
I agree with all this. And it's crazy to think he's 31 everything goes by fast
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