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Re: How to upload your CelticsBlog avatar
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Oh man, it's good to have Snidely Whiplash back again!  TP LarBrd

Okay, it's official - I have no idea how to upload a new avatar.

At first, I tried it on my own - downloading pictures to my computer and then trying to upload from a url. Neither worked and then I looked into this topic. I created a jpg image 65x65, uploaded it to, and tried linking it to my profile by url and still nothing.

It's not a humongous deal, but a lot of people around here lost their avatars last year and it's a bummer that it is so dang hard to figure out. I thought it was strange seeing images like Alanis Morissette and Britney as people's avatars, but then I figured out that they were in the stock photos - guess those people got frustrated with the process, too, and just went with whatever.

Once it's hosted on imgur, try right clicking it and selecting "Get image url", it worked for me

TP - the right click was the key part! If you just copy and paste what is in the address bar, it doesn't work; you actually need to get it directly from the image.

I too was trying for so long to get it to work then some how i got this giant bias image to work which i think is impossible given the size guidelines so i am not going to tempt fate and try and replace it even though it looks a bit out of place lol.

No, no, you are good. You have the most desirable sized image on this whole site and it is also your username. You should be good to go forever.

Re: How to upload your CelticsBlog avatar
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Having a lot of trouble with this. Got the signature to work but how exactly am I supposed to get Dragan's smiling face as my avatar? does it have to be a certain file type? I think I have it as gif right now.