Author Topic: Incredible Star Wars Ep 7 Trailer in Minecraft  (Read 1720 times)

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Incredible Star Wars Ep 7 Trailer in Minecraft
« on: August 12, 2015, 07:30:15 PM »

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Hey, fellow Celtics fans, check out this amazing Star Wars Minecraft Trailer

Unlike similar videos, this trailer has been made completely in Minecraft, no secondary 3D software has been used during the production. This means, basically every frame of the video had to be shot seperately.
The amount of work that went into this video is outrageous. This in itself is an incredible achievement.

The creator of this trailer, german youtuber "Herr Bergmann", a teacher by trade, made this video in order to get Disney's approval for a Youtube series set in the Star Wars Universe. In the german youtube scene, he's widely regarded as far and away the best creator of Minecraft short films, which range from pure entertainment to educational videos. For example, he worked with the federal agency for civic education to teach kids about the fall of the Berlin wall as well as with Endemol, the european entertainment company behind shows like Big Brother or Deal or no Deal.

Here is another one of his vids, just to illustrate the level of quality content he usually produces (it's in german, so you might want to turn the sound off)

I normally wouldn't do this, but if you liked what you saw, please leave a thumbs up under the Star Wars trailer. It would mean a lot to many people, and especially Bergmann, who, as an independent youtuber, can use any support he can get.
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