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Re: James Young Updates
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He is not in this video but these are his usual highlights

because CBS does not trust him to play.

"The Flex" celebration. A classic.

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Re: James Young Updates
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James Young gonna be playing on national TV in a D-league game.

So is he the first Celtics of this year to be able to play on national TV? If so, lucky him and go Young!!

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James Young is a bit of a mystery.  He is tearing up the D-League so you would think that if he had stayed in college, he would be tearing up the NCAA and being talked about as a top-end-of-the-lottery pick.  You put him on the court in the NBA though and he seems to disappear.

It's almost as if there's a massive talent gap between the NBA and the D-League/NCAA.

How can that be, when Jordan Crawford is the 3rd-ranked talent in the d-league?


Re: James Young Updates
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I think he will make it, too.

The odds are against Young ever becoming an NBA player. I will be rooting for him.
  He is young and a rookie, he can work to get stronger and on his D he will be ok.

I see what you did there  ;)
I agree