Author Topic: Sim Bhullar had triple-dub in D-league  (Read 1912 times)

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Sim Bhullar had triple-dub in D-league
« on: February 24, 2015, 01:11:54 AM »

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Yeah, he's slow and very flabby. But Marc Gasol wasn't exactly fit when he came in the league. If we can whip this guy into shape, we might get something. He could be another Fab Melo but he can also be another Hassan Whiteside. What risk is there to take? All we need is a slot on the team and a minimum to sign him. If he doesn't pan out, just simply cut him.

Re: Sim Bhullar had triple-dub in D-league
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Yeah, once buyouts are done, there's no point having an empty roster spot.  I just don't think Bhullar is the guy we should give it to.

His quickness issues aren't going to be fixed by any amount of conditioning.  His feet are too big and he lacks natural athleticism.  He might be effective in a college zone, but he would get carved up defending the pick-and-roll in the pros.  For that reason alone, he's always going to be a minus defender at the NBA level.

Realistically, the best chance he's got of making an NBA roster is if he figures out how to use his size to become a dominant offensive player.