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Your MyCareer Team?
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:30:36 PM »

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So I just picked up my copy of NBA 2k15 and I'm planning to start a MyCareer. Now, I've always played as a PG (an athletic, defense-first, playmaker with poor shooting skills lol) and I heard that this year, you're given a choice as to which team you want to play for (unlike previous years where teams just draft you).

Since I'm a C's fan, I'm tempted to just sign with them, but then I got to thinking... They have Rondo, Smart and even Avery Bradley. It seems like it'll be hard to get minutes. So I'm thinking maybe I'll go for the Kings with Cousins? Or the Pistons with Drummond? Or even the Bucks with Parker and Sanders? What about you guys, what teams did you choose to play for?

- LilRip

Re: Your MyCareer Team?
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I think everyone usually chooses to play PG, lol. The CPU is usually too stupid to play point i.e. I've made 4 threes in a row, and it decides to pass to a guy who's been cold the entire game.

Anyway, I chose Charlotte. I like their new uniform and I like the idea of going inside out with Al. And of course, I get to play with Lance.