Author Topic: Warren Buffet and Dan Gilbert offering $1 billion for perfect March bracket  (Read 1539 times)

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Warren Buffett is offering $1 billion to anyone who fills out a perfect bracket for March Madness.

Buffett is partnering with Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans.

The prize will be paid out in 40 annual installments of $25 million or one $500 million lump sum.

"It is our mission to create amazing experiences for our clients. This contest, with the possibility of creating a billionaire, definitely fits that bill," Jay Farner, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Quicken Loans said in a statement. He added: "We've seen a lot of contests offering a million dollars for putting together a good bracket, which got us thinking, what is the perfect bracket worth? We decided a billion dollars seems right for such an impressive feat."

The odds are one in 9.2 quintillion to have a perfect bracket.

Little extra incentive for those brackets in March!
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The odds are one in 9.2 quintillion to have a perfect bracket.

Pssh, only if every game is 50/50.  With my superior basketball knowledge I can get that down to one in 3,4 quintillion no problem.  Easy money!

More seriously - anyone know if this includes the play-in (excuse me, "First Round") games?  Not that it's likely to make or break somebody, but it's a pretty quick turnaround from selection day, and most public bracket pools don't let you pick them.

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Wow... Here is my ticket to early retirement.
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