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Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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  • We may as well put Tyrion in at center.
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Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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I hope Danny can build a level of trust with possible free agents to attract them here.  I suspect that may be a problem this time.

Eh, I don't know about that.  I think he did KG, Pierce and Terry a favor, honestly.  They could have been traded to bad teams or kept here where they don't really have a chance at contending anymore, but instead Danny moved them to a place where they'll likely be contenders for the rest of their careers. 

Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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Face it, the ODDS ARE AGAINST US. This is a high risk/high reward scenario. Anybody who can claim that this is a great or a terrible trade with 100% confidence is a moron and liar, plain and simple. You can like the trade, and you can dislike it. But it will be YEARS before we can evaluate it accurately or fairly. There is just as much room here for it to ruin our team as to help it.

There exists no path to rebuilding where the odds are not against the Celtics being a contender within five years.
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Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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It would have been absolutely pointless to give it "1 more year"...been there done that for the last 2 years...3 years....

Danny made lemonade out of lemons.  I listened to his press conference and this was the best trade he could get in the last 2 years.  Way to go Danny - now go get us a bunch of good players.

Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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There is no such thing as a quick rebuild through the draft. Charlotte has been rebuilding since they entered the league. Sacramento has been rebuilding since 2006. Washington has been rebuilding since 2008. Minnesota has been rebuilding since 2007. Detroit has been rebuilding since 2008. Philly has been rebuilding since Iverson left.

All those teams still suck.

And the Celtics aren't the only team to recently go nuclear. Orlando, Philly, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Utah, and possibly Atlanta are all teams that may be going full remake at the same time Boston is and will add to teams like Sactown, Charlotte, New Orleans, Toronto and Washington that will just be bad teams next year.

All I see after this deal is a Celtic team with cap problems and a boat load of picks, none of which are guaranteed to be in the top 5-8 of any upcoming draft and none of which guarantee a player or players that will take this team anywhere in the next 5-7 years.

This deal is what it is, a plan to get really bad and hope to get lucky. Those type of plans can work out great if you get lucky. They can really suck if you do not get lucky. Just ask the people in Minny, Charlotte, Sacramento, Toronto, Washington, Portland, and other places that have tried this and seen it fail. Heck ask older Celtic fans about 1996 and 2007.

This is a deal and a plan. Whether it is a great deal and plan probably won't be known for about half a decade.

You nailed it. The majority of fans who want the "good old days" of Gerald Green, Bassy, Big Al, Allen Ray etc...were fans back then and all they know is "athletic basketball" not winning. Fans are very uneasy in this city cheering for a winning squad. But I'm done trying to get through to the pro blow it up crowd. It happened. Now becareful what you wish for...if this team some how makes an 8th seed this board will go full nuclear. That would be almost as good as getting Wiggins.
In my experience being a Celtics fan (50+ years) you and Nick are correct.  I am hoping the ones who wanted a complete remake are correct "this time" and the old probabilities are no longer in other words, that history is wrong.  This is a thing I do not want to be right about.  In the past, however, it has been difficult  enough to get good free agents to think of Boston as a destination (bad weather/high taxes0, without adding to a tanking and aiming for  lottery, rebuilding   team.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that a lot of the posters who think Rondo will be the magnet to draw free agents are the same posters who last year  said Rondo was the cause of our demise, that the team only improved after Rondo went down.  If they were correct, why would anyone want to come play with Rondo? 
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Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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There is no such thing as a quick rebuild through the draft.
Complete nonsense.

Almost every team that contends had to bottom out at some point.   It's been that way all through history.  That's a completely ridiculous statement and you're wrong.  I could give you dozens of examples. 

Now unless you are harping on "quick".  I see 3-5 years as "quick".  Maybe you think "Quick" means 1 year.  The Thunder took 3 years to make the playoffs with Durant. The Cavs took 3 years to make the playoffs with Bron.  But 3 years is pretty quick in the grand scheme of things.  80s Celtics completely turned their team around by drafting Bird ... the Spurs completely turned around their team by drafting Duncan.  The Magic completely turned their team around by drafting Shaq.  The Magic completely turned their team around by drafting Dwight.  The Heat completely turned their team around by drafting Wade.   All of those players directly impacted Finals contending teams in short time.


Re: This is a Great Deal!!!!
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I think people were spoiled by the quick turn around in 2007-2008 season. That was a genius move by DA that I dont think could be replicated again (no Doc, Rondo's maturity issues, less cap room). Unfortunately, I personally foresee this rebuild happening quickly (3-7 years max) before we become a contender again. Some of you may find this too slow, but look at the base we have. Rondo, AB, Sully, Brooks, and MANY picks are all assets we can move around to possibly speed up this rebuild process of DA chooses to do so. We can all speculate what will happen in the upcoming years, but we wont know until the rest of the world knows.