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New Generation Consoles
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Microsoft held their conference yesterday - like Sony did a couple of months ago - revealing their next generation console, Xbox One. While Sony didn't reveal their PS4 console, they did reveal specs and features of tha system much like Microsoft did but Microsoft gave us more than what Sony did. They have 15 exclusive titles coming out in Xbox One's first year, 8 of them being new franchises. They'll also have exclusive DLC for Call Of Duty Ghosts first.

One portion of their reveal was dedicated to EA. And they revealed their new gaming engine for both Xbox One and PS4 - Ignite. It'll power EA's upcoming games like FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25, and UFC. Not sure how many CB members are gamers but E3 is coming in June on tha 11th. So with E3 around tha corner, what are ya'll looking forward to? What system are ya'll leaning toward tha most? Or does it not matter and both systems will be purchased anyway? I'm more Xbox than PlayStation so I'm more interested in what Microsoft has coming up. Give me your thoughts and opinions tho.
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