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Moving up the list
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Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are each just a small handful of games away from moving into 15th and 20th on the all time scoring list, respectively.  KG is primed to pass Jerry "The Logo" West, while the Truth will be passing Sir Charles Barkley.

DKC Seventy-Sixers:

PG: G. Hill/D. Schroder
SG: C. Lee/B. Hield/T. Luwawu
SF:  Giannis/J. Lamb/M. Kuzminskas
PF:  E. Ilyasova/J. Jerebko/R. Christmas
C:    N. Vucevic/K. Olynyk/E. Davis/C. Jefferson

Re: Moving up the list
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KG also just entered the top 10 in all-time rebounds yesterday, passing Wes Unseld.