Author Topic: So the doctors said it'd take two years before JG fully recovers...a year ago  (Read 3377 times)

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I caught wind of this on either the forum, chat or some other place in CB. Finally got around to verifying it.

It is indeed true.

Green's medical team told him it will be a full two years before he will completely recover. There will be tightness in his chest. There will be strange pains that will go unexplained. He will have days when he will be completely exhausted.

So he has give or take a year before being 100%.

1. Those who dislike JG - this might explain his general trend upwards recently with games like the one vs. the Jazz in between.

2. Holy perspective, another reminder that a year's passed.

3. Those who don't like Wilcox - similar surgery around the same time as JG, just a lot less press and attention from fans and the media. Dodged a bullet there in the Crawford trade.


A quote from JG on today's game:
"I didnít hurt myself, I was tired, so I wanted to lay there a little bit, catch my breath," Green deadpanned after Friday's 94-86 triumph over the Golden State Warriors.

I'm guessing Green probably has the same amount of stamina an average passably-healthy person has right now, not the amount expected for an NBA player.
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I didn't know and never took this into consideration. I always just assumed he had enough time to heal up (My bad JG). He's been thriving lately and I'm very happy to see it. He's starting to look like he can live up to that contract.

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well those of us, me, who have had a similar surgery(twice) tried to tell you. But we had guys like Vinnie, say again and again and again and again and again, what a puts Green was.

Best wishes to Vinnie and a million others who think this was so easy to deal with

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TP - Good find. if JG is showing us flashes RIGHT NOW...getting more consistent NOW...

Then imagine what he will do NEXT YEAR ;D.

Imagine us getting Jared Sullinger back, healthy - with more respect from the refs.....Rajon Rondo back, more mature.....and a FULLY healthy Jeff Green?

We'd better be glad that that Doc didn't send KG and Paul packing...this team has another year to contend, plain and simple.

And we're not done this year, too.
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also.....Wilcox seems to be finding his way back...... suspect the same with him too.

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also.....Wilcox seems to be finding his way back...... suspect the same with him too.

True that.

AND - Avery Bradley....seems like this entire team, with exception of perhaps Paul Pierce - is coming off of some major surgery.....

KG's knee..Rondo's knee...Jared's back...Avery's shoulders...Jeff and Wilcox's surgery.

This team could be fixing to catch lightning in a bottle next yr...I hope Doc and Danny keeps THIS group together.....
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I still can't believe people questioned Green after the surgery. I thought it was going to be a year before he was back to normal, not two.

That explains to people why he was so inconsistent. A long with not playing for a year. Im sure even still going threw the metal aspect of it. Its not like a broken bone, or a torn ligament, were if you hurt it again life will go on beyond the NBA. You break your heart and thats it, and not just NBA life either.

I really like watching Green when he's aggressive and feeling it. You can see the confidence growing, he's taking AND hitting shots like the turn around fades that he wasn't taking even a month ago. Now he just needs PP and KG's killer instinct and he will be a beast.

Im sure there will be some down games in the future with Green, but if what even been getting from Green as of late is the beginning of him becoming healthy, I'll take the bads with the goods.

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Half of Jeff Green's struggle isn't physical's attitude and personality.

He was successful in OKC because he could just be one of the guys behind Durant, Westbrook and to a lesser extent Harden.

On this Celtics team, without Rondo and with an aging Pierce and KG we kinda need Jeff Green to be something he's alpha dog with an aggressive mentality.

It's tough for a guy to do that when it is not in his nature.

It's even tougher for that guy to do it as a backup player.

It's extremely tough for that guy to do it after open heart surgery.

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Great find. I can't believe how many people bashed him from the start and underestimated freakin heart surgery so much.
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I posted this a month ago

It was said last night on the broadcast that his doctors said he'd be physically healed no sooner than March 1st.  And surprise surprise, February was by far his best month. 

Sky is the limit for him. Stud who just needs to get comfortable and healthy.  Tooting my own horn, but been saying this for a while now.  The man had to relearn to walk.

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he looks alot more comfortable out there, taking jumpers, driving to the lane

he's shooting a career high right now at nearly 46% and thats including those first few months where he was abysmal.

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Big deal to have your chest cracked open and stapled back together.

You can tell from interviews that it is all still very real and fresh for him. I think he has csome confidence now that he can reclaim is position in the NBA. When I see him smiling more then I will feel like he is really back. Last night I think he was smiling even after taking some hard hits.


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I don't think OP knows what "deadpanned" means ;)
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I don't think OP knows what "deadpanned" means ;)

 I'm still trying to get my head around the claim that the average passably healthy person has the stamina to go 30+ minutes in an nba game. Hopefully he was joking.