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Re: Sheed done for the year
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I would think the appropriate comment would be "Sheed's been done for years.  what's special about this year?"

Got to admit he's been shooting pretty good at the 3s lately..

i guess he won't be waived/cut off from the roster:

"The Knicks will keep Rasheed Wallace on their roster. Team says it's possible he could play in the playoffs."
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Re: Sheed done for the year
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When he was with us, Rasheed rebounded at a rate worse than the one of Brandon Bass.

Actually, Rasheed's total rebounding rate that season was 11.2%. This season, Bass is down to 11.0%. Last season, Bass was up at 11.5%, though.

Interestingly, Sheed was actually much better at the defensive glass (19% that season, versus 14.5% for Bass this season, and 16.3% last season). Bass gets 7.2% of offensive rebounds, Sheed only got 3%!

Pretty hard to grab an offensive board when you don't get closer than the three point line.
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