Author Topic: you want to see Stern at work?  (Read 2411 times)

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Re: you want to see Stern at work?
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Some day the ridiculous NBA/Stern conspiracy theories will come to an end. I guess as soon as Stern is gone next year.
They'll continue as long as the most horrid refs like Bavetta and Crawford keep getting the playoff assignments and keep making horrid calls the whole world sees, while the NBA continues to insist these are the world's best refs.

If they're so good they should be better than the college guys. That never happens.

Bavetta hasn't reffed a Finals game since 2008, and only reffed 5 playoff games in the last 2 years, all in the first two rounds and none as crew chief.  You may want to update your rationale with a different name pasted in.
That Bavetta is reffing at all, let alone 5 playoff games in two years, is a travesty. I remember 2008. It wasn't that long ago.

Re: you want to see Stern at work?
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Ugh the Celtics (and the Blazers) played so hard tonight, and it just killed me to see the refs take it out of the players' hands.  That offensive foul on Jeff Green was the biggest call of the game, and the ghost foul on the KG steal ripped away some momentum from the C's, even though Bass scored on the following play.

It's impossible to know, but I think the Celtics would've pulled this one out if they didn't call that atrocious o-foul on Green.