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Re: The celtics are staying at my hotel
« Reply #15 on: February 24, 2013, 12:01:04 AM »

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That is really awesome! If I were in your shoes, I probably couldn't help but be the most annoying fan on the planet!

Btw, how big was Melo in real life?
Seems 7 feet to me.  I have a freakin Celtic hoodie on so I felt like I should acknowledge that I'm not an autograph hound who snuck into the hotel.  Just told them that we drove down from Seattle to see them play... Bradley was like "that's what I'm talkin bout"... Wished them luck tomorrow.  I'm only 5'7... Melo is a giant next to me.

If you met him in the elevator, what was he doing... sitting down??  :o

I wonder what their reaction would've been if you had said "watch your head" as Melo exited the elevator.

Celtics rookie Fab Melo suffered a concussion last weekend after bumping his head on the doorway in his Sioux Falls hotel room while the Maine Red Claws
GreenFaith1819 on February 25, 2015-

Dallas will still be playing, into May and June, and facing either MEM or perhaps GSW in the WCF.

Coach Carlylse and Rondo would've settled their differences and moved on well after then.

And Rajon, much to the chagrin of his haters - will be a BIG part of it.

Re: The celtics are staying at my hotel
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wow!  Lucky you, must be a great experience.....have fun with it, hope you get to see them again!!

Re: The celtics are staying at my hotel
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I always wanted to know who was close to who on the team. I would not have ever pictured Bradley and Melo walking together or anything lol but I guess they are teammates.

Did you see KG??
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