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Re: Is Danny Forcing Doc's Hand with Melo
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That's a great post ImShak - TP.

It is amazing how sometimes when players get a few minutes they slowly gain some confidence after getting acclimated. Imagine that...

So, to answer droop... what I like about what I see with Melo is - and trust me I was not a huge fan of the pick, I thought Ezeli would have been a good fit next to KG if we were going to take on a project - I just liked his physicality. Anyway, what I liked about what I see from Melo so far in D-League and then NBA -

1. It's the D-league...but anyone who can put some games like Melo did isn't just lucky, there is skill and ability required to do that. It's not like the D-League is the Pee Wee league, it's the closest thing you can get to before the actual NBA. That shows me something is there and I would give it some time to pan out, one way of another.
* Anyway, we know what he's done in the D-league

On to the NBA:

1. So it's a problem that Melo runs funny. Take a good, long look at Al Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins, Roy Hibbert, etc. Not at all worried about how he runs.

2. What I do like is how fast his running style allows him to move a 7 foot, 265 pound body up and down the court. That is of "real" interest to me. That ability alone could net him 10-15 points a game in time on dunks and free throws.

3. I like how quick he is laterally for a seven footer - that particular skill could come in very handy once rotations are fully understood.

4. I like that he has a motor and doesn't seem to tire very easily -  a rather nice physical skill for a seven footer as well.

5. I like how long he is around the rim - sometimes that particular physical attribute is handy in preventing all the smaller people from jamming things down our throat all night.

6. He has a good touch from the free throw line - which generally means you can develop a decent mid range jump shot   

7. I like that he is apparently a good kid that works hard and puts in a lot of effort when he's on the court.

8. I like that he has proven at the college level in Division I and in the D-League that he has the ability block and alter "a lot" of shots. That is sometimes useful in helping to win NBA games.

We don't need to play him down the stretch in a two point game against Dwight Howard.

But would it hurt to give the kid a couple minutes early in each game - even if it was a 2 minute extra breather for KG? I doubt it would hurt us much.

I don't know where the kid will end up, who knows. My personal guess is 10-12 points, 6-8 boards and 2-3 blocks a night, along with some very good interior D - that is my three year projection. I also think he could possibly blow those numbers out of the park.

I could be wrong. But I also remember Avery Bradley being the definition of NBA dog meat not more than 12 months ago. And I remember Kendrick Perkins being a total bust for three years.

I also remember guys like Jeff Green being named the worst contract in the NBA and thus possibly the worst player in the NBA. There must have been a thread "Is Jeff Green the worst player in the NBA?" Had to be, wasn't there?

Time, a few minutes, little steps in the right direction, sometimes that's how players develop.

It would be great if we could cheer on the only true seven footer on our team, who's a sophomore rookie who's played 3-4 years of organized ball but who also set some D-league records on the defensive side of the ball.

Maybe that's ridiculous to ask for though, a little time...