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Celtics uniform numbers
« on: February 20, 2013, 03:10:30 PM »

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when Ainge took over in 2003 we had the following roster numbers

42    Vin Baker
4    Tony Battie
30    Mark Blount
9    J.R. Bremer
5    Kedrick Brown
11    Mark Bryant
12    Bimbo Coles
7    Tony Delk
43    Grant Long
0    Walter McCarty
31    Mikki Moore
34    Paul Pierce
41    Bruno Sundov
8    Antoine Walker
55    Eric Williams
11    Shammond Williams
45    Ruben Wolkowyski

look how many of those numbers are currently being used today

KG, Bass, Green, Terry, Lee, Bradley, Sully, Barbosa, obviously Pierce, and now Williams

what does it mean?  not much, other than the fact that we have very few un-retired numbers left LOL
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Re: Celtics uniform numbers
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Honestly we have a great deal of numbers left. But people tend to choose numbers that others have or of other admired players.
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Re: Celtics uniform numbers
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PP34! A lot of good players where 34, just saying.

And only Jason Collins or Darko would take a number in the 90s
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