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Neither of them is very good. Unfortunately, both have to play, because we're down to 4 healthy big men.

Not when the minutes are going to Green at the 4, and Bass at the 5. It's an either or with Collins and Wilcox. So no, both don't have to play.

Now, if Doc stopped using Bass at the 5, then we can talk.
Um, no. Garnett and Bass are good for approximately 60 minutes a game. Maybe 65.

The sad reality is we have to give Wilcox and Bass ~10 mins each, and then still have Green in for mop-up duty at the 4.
I assume the last "Bass" was meant to be "Collins".

Don't see your reasoning behind the need to split the minutes between Wilcox and Collins. Wilcox can play 20 minutes and give zero minutes to Collins, maybe the occasional 5 minutes if the unit calls for it.
Yes, Collins.

I assumed the discussion is why you need to play both, and the simple answer is "not enough bodies".

And typically the need to split time comes because players -- and especially big men -- typically only play in 8-minute stretches. This, and pairings.

My side of the discussion is why play Collins at all, instead of giving Wilcox more of his minutes, and only use Collins in specific situations. As it stands, Doc is using Collins in a rotation role, which makes little sense to me... unless Doc stops using Bass at the 5 (which is an awful decision in my opinion), and even then Wilcox should be the first guy up.

What I've meant to say is that the only way Collins should be getting on the floor is for a specific defensive assignment, and to prevent Bass from playing center.

That said, particularly in 2nd half of games, whatever extra minutes there are to be used will either go to Wilcox or Collins, there usually isn't enough to split between the two, and for some reason Collins is the player whose name is usually called.

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Doc should make sure Colllins gets regular minutes right now to make sure that he is in game shape for the playoffs, unless you expect KG and Bass to never get in foul trouble or that the addition of Terrance Williams means the team should be spending more time on getting PT for various smallball lineups, including PP at the 4 and TWill at the 3 while KG sits.
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Doc should make sure Colllins gets regular minutes right now

Regular minutes hopefully equals about 10-15 at most
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