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Another blockbuster idea for fun
« on: February 19, 2013, 11:36:16 PM »

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Boston trades:  Rondo, Jeff Green, Sullinger, Melo, Barbosa
Boston gets: Dwight Howard, Dudley, Tolliver

Lakers trade:  Dwight, Pau Gasol
Lakers get:  Gortat, Josh Smith, Jeff Green, Deshawn Stevenson

Atlanta trades:  Josh Smith, Stevenson, Tolliver
Atlanta gets:  Pau, Sullinger, Barbosa

Phoenix trades:  Gortat, Dudley
Phonix gets:  Rondo, Fab Melo


I think its a no brainer for Atlanta who is going to lose Smith no matter what this season and gets a very good (better?) replacement who at the very least can probably fetch more via trade next season that Josh Smith is currently.  And they get Sullinger too.

I personally would in a second if I'm Danny Ainge.  I know some of you simply don't want Howard (inexplicably) but whatever.

Phoenix trades Dudley and Gortat and gets back Rondo.  Seems like a no brainer for them.

Does LA do it?  They'd be giving up more talent than they have coming in for sure.  But I'm just confused with what direction this team is going in.  D'Antoni is an absolutely horrible coach for the personnel they have on their roster.  To the point that it is frustrating Dwight and Pau.  Yet Lakers management has stuck with D'Antoni.  If they are sticking with D'Antoni (and Nash as PG) then this trade actually makes a lot of sense regarding fit.  Gortat already has excelled with Nash and Green and Smith are great fits for this kind of offense while Gasol and Dwight are not.

Thoughts on LA or any alterations that could make this more likely? the
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Re: Another blockbuster idea for fun
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(1) Not enough value for LA. They are looking for a star to build around post-Kobe Bryant. Josh Smith is not that player. Gortat certainly isn't. Better off taking their chances with Dwight Howard.

(2) Atlanta reportedly isn't interested in Pau Gasol. Too old and expensive. They are looking for more of a long term fit. It's pity because I would have loved to have seen Pau and Horford play together.

The Lakers would have to get Rajon Rondo in order to consider getting into this deal. Even then, it's a hard sell. Might need to keep Josh Smith on their side too. That would be a tempting package.

Atlanta would need Gortat. Phoenix to get Jeff Green? Maybe.

That is the best I can come up with.

Re: Another blockbuster idea for fun
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So, we start next season with Dudley and Tolliver in our roster minus Dwight.

If we do not win it all with D12 with our current line up, Dwight would just simply walk away at the end of the season and chooses the team that could give him a true shot for the title.

I think the trades worthy of moving forward before the upcoming trade deadline are those involving players whose names are not KG, PP, Bradley, Green, Sully and Rondo - even Melo who remains a project. Josh and D12 are very much available after the season so losing players just to get either of the 2 (or whoever is an All Star UFA) is not a very wise move.