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I really think Howard's biggest problem is that he's just not funny. No one he's trying make laugh is laughing at his jokes.  He just looks like a big dork who can't get out of his own way.

He's not a bad guy.  He's just not funny, and he thinks he is.

It's way more than just whether he's funny or not.

I think he just doesn't know how to please people when he needs to. Telling bad jokes wouldn't make a contender miss the playoffs, would it?

I dunno,  His jokes are pretty awful  ;)

Point taken, and I agree that it is more of a general social skill type thing than merely his lack of ability to be funny.
No-one would would care about his jokes if he played hard, didn't whine about his contract, and was willing to do whatever the team needs him to do to win. But then he'd be Kevin Garnett.... :)
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Re: Dwight Mocks Kobe
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Kobe Bryant is truly one of the best of All-Time...he blocked LeBron at least twice, and had a part in perhaps LeBron's worse all-star game so far. I saw that performance from Kobe, and thought about Jeff Green's Defense on both LeBron and Melo...

The All Star Game D on Lebron was easily the highlight of that dunkfest.  Kobe is the rare combination of ultra skilled and ultra competitive.  Never liked the guy, but no one can ever question his will to win.


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Howard is a very talented idiot

Dwight Howard is very talented or just tall with freakish athleticism? I see more skill at the local YMCA

Might be a stretch, but you have a point, I've seen way better free throw shooters or just shooters in general compared to Dwight at the local YMCA.

This dude won the gene pool for basketball.
I just wish he had the heart to play too.

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... But wonder how KG would take to him...


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Well, I guess we all expected this Kobe-Dwight thing, they deserve that as much as anyone in the league. Kobe has thrown everybody under the bus whenever they've lost, he's never wrong, and yeah, the "big boy pants" thing was directed at Pau.

Pau saved the Lakers in the 07-08 season and beyond, he's the main reason they made the Finals three straight years. The Odom-Pau-Bynum frontcourt was key for their success, Pau may be soft, but he's skilled and can pass, shoot, rebound, post up and make their teammates better. The 2010 FMVP was a travesty, Joey Crawford and Pau should've won it, never Kobe. The 2009 FMVP could be argued, although if you watch the Lakers before getting Pau and after, it's clear he was the piece that put them over the top. Kobe is a great offensive player, but he can chuck his team out of games. Their frontline put them into contention, and Pau (and Odom) were key. But all the credit goes to Kobe, just like almost everything on that organization (where's the Mikan retired number and the Minnesota references at the Staples Center? well, you know...)The difference between the Celtics and the Lakers is that they swap players like baseball cards. We respect tradition.

Now, they swap Bynum for Dwight after getting rid of Odom... they deserve this.

Kobe doesn't deserve any more ring, he won his 4th because of Pau and the KG injury, and his 5th was giftwrapped by the refs. He can retire tomorrow and he'll go to the HOF anyway.

Nash deserved his ring right until he went to the Lakers. I'd love to see him traded to a real contender as he's a long time favorite for me, but as long as he wears purple and gold, I can't root for him or any other Faker.
It's true that the signing of Pau was the piece that put them over the top (in terms of making 3 straight Finals), but this in and of itself does not make him the most valuable player on their team.

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I'd take Kobe's side every time. Dwight, this isn't your team. What would we think if KG or Ray did this to Paul Pierce? Not Paul's fault. What if Bosh or LeBron did this to Wade? No Big 3. Dwight needs to get out of this league or something. Go to Charlotte

HEY! My home town isn't so bad that we need a scum bag like him here. Actually, as bad as the Bobcats are I'll give them some credit in the fact that they still play hard. Sure they still stink and the owners a joke. But they play hard.

Howard hasn't played hard in a long time.
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