Simple Question.  Do you think Ainge will trade Kevin Garnett this week?

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33 (73.3%)

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Author Topic: Will KG be traded this week?  (Read 3225 times)

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Re: Will KG be traded this week?
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Literally impossible.

What makes it "literally impossible"?

The no-trade clause. KG has said many, many times he's green for good.

That doesn't make it literally impossible.  In the history of civilization, dozens of people have changed their minds.  That doesn't make it literally impossible at all.  Actually, by very definition, that makes it possible.  Not likely, but possible.

It's so unlikely that I'd consider it impossible just as .99999... = 1

and you somehow know better than the Clippers front office? They know how KG is. He's loyal as hell, but if Ainge and the Clippers sit down and talk to him, he can very much decide to go to LA, compete for 1-2 more rings, and work near home.
Hate to disappoint y'all, but the latest reports out of LAC are that they're unlikely to make any deal before the deadline.

This need some of you have to bomb this franchise back to the stone ages of the mid-2000s by trading icons for questionable talent escapes me.

Never said I wanted him traded or wanted him traded for questionable talent.   Should I assume that you want us to return to the stone ages of the mid-90s when we got nothing back from our icons, including one (Parish) that didn't even retire as a Celtic? 

I just think considering anything in sports to be "literally impossible" is VERY naive.  And anyone who believes every report they read is VERY naive.  Teams lie.  Players lie.  The media lies.  Teams change their mind.  Players change their mind.  The media is misled by team sources, agents, etc...  Life happens.  The Easter bunny isn't real.
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Re: Will KG be traded this week?
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That said, I vehemitly oppose any trading of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett as this would upset the Celtics culture that Danny, Doc, the ownership, but more importantly the two players have worked so diligently to craft here. That would send a very bad message to the rest of the troops, some of which took a lot less money to play here rather than playing for a scrub team like Phoenix.

Once again, we need to compete with who we have and add pieces after the trading deadline to shore up some holes created by the injuries to Rondo, Sullenger, and Barbosa.

It is a lot more fun to go down kicking and screaming in Miami then to just playing out the string in March and April and monitoring the NBAdraft.net and shopping on hoopshype.com for potential free agents that will never consider playing for Boston.

I would rather discuss stint analysis of our key rotation players to evaluate future tweaks needed to stay in the Big Hunt than reengineer my next fantasy Celtics team.
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