Author Topic: A trade so crazy it just might work. Bos/Mil/Atl/Phx  (Read 715 times)

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A trade so crazy it just might work. Bos/Mil/Atl/Phx
« on: February 18, 2013, 12:26:21 AM »

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Bos gets: Dalembert, Josh Smith, Jared Dudley, Jermaine O'neal

Mil gets: Jeff Green, Devin Harris, Jason Collins

Atl gets: Jennings, Courtney Lee, Beasley, Drew Gooden

Phx gets: Bass, Fab Melo, Barbosa contract (cash to waive him)

I know it seems ridiculous, but the more i looked at it the more sense it makes.

Bos incentive: compete this year without giving up our 3 best players.

Mil incentive: get a return on Jennings so they don't lose him for nothing and dump Gooden's contract.

Atl incentive: get a return on Smith that is a potential all star. Jennings would have to agree to resign and they could then flip him or Teague to upgrade at needed positions.

Phx incentive: dump Beasley. Also get rid of Dudley and save money over the next 3-4 years. Project in Melo and a decent player in bass.

I think Atl is the sticking point. Not sure they'd be willing to do this, but you never know. Jennings and Lee are a decent haul and maybe they'd take a chance on Beasley. Gooden may be what makes them say no though.
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Re: A trade so crazy it just might work. Bos/Mil/Atl/Phx
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none of these teams would agree to this.