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Re: Josh Smith an elite defender?
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Wow! I must be really missing something here. How can a knucklehead like Smith who may have outstanding athleticism contribute to a team defense concept that has taken many players more than a half season to master. Just because Smith can block shots does not make him a great team defender.

Smith and Rondo both are great athletes that can play good defense if they want to; but they often just don't. To call Smith an elite defender when he has shown such a clear lack of discipline this season is a stretch. Kind of like saying Rondo is an elite defender.

Rondo is an elite defender when he wants to be one.

Fixed it for you.

Which is way more often than he's given credit for.

I don't know, it's pretty frustrating to watch Rondo reach and play passing lanes a lot and fail to come up with a steal.  But I guess I can give him benefit of the doubt because he does rack up a bunch of steals.

  I guess you should get a note to Doc and tell him to have Rondo play defense the way *you* want him to and stick to his man like glue instead of disrupting opposing offenses by playing the passing lanes.

He's good at what he does. Let him be.
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Re: Josh Smith an elite defender?
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It is sooo apparent how some hold Rondo to some SUPERMAN standard...yet the hold no one ELSE to this same standard...."oh i seen rondo not be GREAT one night"  oh man, can you imagine.....thyis speaks to the same response as always, because it is always true...have you EVER played tha game in a league....where it is always ON....not casual pick up.....because you GET injured ALL the time, fingers, shoulders, ankles, knees....bruises..and he plays ALL game, always getting taken out...NO CALLs...thrown hard to the ground....that EVER happen to you...well, it adds up.....but, you would know this...IF you stop expecting HERO games ALL the time...PP, KG...alll those guys played flat....then they say "Ray is in a slump" so what does that mean.....why can't rondo be in a slump one has great games all the time...