Will Rondo And Smith Duo Bring This Team To A Championship Ring And Playoffs?

Championship Title
16 (33.3%)
Playoffs Only
32 (66.7%)
No Playoffs Appearance At All And No Ring
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Author Topic: Would A Rondo/Smith Duo Bring This Team To A Championship Ring And Playoffs?  (Read 7259 times)

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Playoff team? Yes.

Championship Team? Who else is on the squad?

Green = Schrempf
Bradley = Hawkins
Sullinger = Sam Perkins
Rondo = Payton
Smith = Kemp

The 1995-96 Seattle SuperSonics were two wins away from World Title against the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan.

I'm as big of a Celtics homer as the next guy, but seriously, this comparison makes absolutely no sense.  Payton at that point was at the top of his game and so was Kemp(they were complete players at that point).  Those 2 were next to unstoppable together that year.  Hawkins was coming off a year where he shot 44% from 3, Bradly is nowhere near the shooter he was, Perkins and Detlef were also very good 3 point shooters.  All 5 listed players from that Sonics team could score.  Big Jeff Green fan but he's nowhere near what Detlef was at that point.

The Celtics team you list will be a solid team, but will be in that 4-7 range in the Eastern Conference....

Haha it's a down the line thing. Not a right now thing.

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i'd rather have kevin love on my team,

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That group has a serious perimeter shooting deficit, and thus wouldn't sniff the finals, let alone a championship.
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