Without looking it up did you know how many home runs Barry Bonds ended his career with?

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3 (33.3%)
I thought I did and was right
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I thought I did and was wrong
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Re: Barry Bonds Home Run Total
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What I don't get about baseball is how "greenies" i.e. uppers and various forms of "speed" are always overlooked.  Those things were illegal, yet they were used by virtually every baseball player in the late 50's, 60's and 70's (through 2005 when baseball finally banned them) and they absolutely enhanced performance in that they got the players ready to play game in and game out.  There really isn't much difference between them and steroids, especially given how widespread steroid use obviously was.  I just don't get why guys like Mays get passes for greenie use, why a guy like Bonds gets crucified for steroid use.  Totally hypocritical.

Jim Bouton a former Yankee pitcher in his book said Mantle and Maris were pot smokers.  Dock Ellis pitched a no hitter while high on LSD.  Now granted the performance enhancing affect of those drugs can be debated, but not of greenies.

Exactly how I feel.

Furthermore, Bonds wasn't gaining an advantage on hardly anyone.  90% of the league was probably doing the same thing he was.  Who cares!

Bonds was easily one of the best players ever.  There almost nothing he couldn't do exceptionally well on a baseball field.

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After the lockout when fans weren't attending the game anymore because they had soured on greedy owners & the game lacked excitement, McGwire & Sosa SAVED the game! Steroids & mainly  "Andro" brought baseball back to prominence. Owners, managers & Bud Selig the commissioner all knew Andro was in full effect but yet didn't place this drug on MLB do not use list. Why? The owners & Selig was benefiting from the notoriety that was stemming from the chase & making billions of dollars. It was so rampid & obvious that I once saw McGwire do a interview with the Andro bottle clearly visible in his locker! Lol Bonds who was clearly the best all-around player of our generation & at that time 4-5 time MVP was on the outside looking in at Mac & Sosa getting all the publicity & just wanted to be on the same playing field so he took HGH which was also not banned.  They let him break all the records legally by the rules & wait for him to retire from making all the money he could for MLB & owners, then when he tries to go into the sunset they whistle blow! Just wrong! Bonds is a NO-BALLET HOF meaning there shouldn't have even been a vote. We knew what we saw for through 2 decades before the alleged HGH use. The man was the greatest player of any sport I ever seen & argubly the most dominant athlete of any sport all-time. Too bad he never left SF & played with other great teams or great players elsewhere.

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That being said he was a great talent and a Normal Guy juicing would not get those numbers or have the reflexes.

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i think you can argue the number is enhanced, but harder to say it wasn't a level playing field.

I feel lucky to have been able to watch Bonds during his hey day.  Truly amazing hitter.