Author Topic: Which school will be Nat. Champions if current NBA pros play for their schools?  (Read 13636 times)

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The high schoolers though, very intriguing. I think the HS guys are clear favorites but they did not go to college so no March Madness for them.

The problem with going with the high school team, is people are using a completely different criteria to put together that team.

You can't do all high school-to-pro players, compared to one specific college team.  It should either be one specific high school compared to one specific college, or all high school players vs all college players.

So Oak Hill vs any college team.  (Could any high school team other than Oak Hill field a team?).

Or all high schoolers vs all college players.

Hey I like the odds of an all college team against the all high school team or an all foreign team (of course you can add/drop as you see fit)

PG: Paul/Rose/Irving/Rondo
SG: Wade/Harden
SF: Durant/Anthony
PF: Griffin/Duncan
C: Horford/Bogut/Lopez/Hibbert

Of course that's not exactly fair either, because since 2006 players couldn't go straight to the NBA anymore, but I still like the odds of a pre-2006 high school graduation match-up between guys who went to college vs guys who went straight to pros.

I like the idea of pitting pre age limit straight to the Pros vs. one & done college guys during age limit era.

Question for the Pre-Limit guys;  Who do you start at PG?  Do you just run Lebron as a the primary ballhandler and start someone like Josh Smith along with LBJ, Kobe, KG, & Dwight?   

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