Author Topic: Celtics must be better without sully  (Read 534 times)

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Celtics must be better without sully
« on: February 11, 2013, 12:56:35 PM »

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Right? Because the majority of this win streak was without him? Yet it's funny I don't see many threads pointing out his holes in his game or blatantly bashing him. People just wish him well and focus on the team we have. So why does everyone say this team is better without rondo, that it was his fault we struggled, and clearly we will go farther because he is out?

I think it is ridiculous how much crap rondos got these past 2 weeks. I'm on here pretty regularly, and I can't remember many posts about how much he hindered the team prior to his injury. I remember reading lots of comments about how he was usually one of a few people who showed up night in and night out. (Well maybe parts of nights, but he showed up at some point) Then all of the sudden he goes out for the year and we crucify him because of our current winning streak. Yes maybe we didn't play well before he went out, but that could do with a number of things not named rondo. Even if it was partly on him, who cares! We don't have him the rest of the way, so why make a big deal of it posting new topics after every game. Regardless of your feelings on Rondo, why can't everyone wish him well, and focus on who we do have on the court, rather than who we don't have.  Just wish the hating on rondo could stop and we could focus on the team we have now.


Re: Celtics must be better without sully
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haha TP funny stab at the Rondo haters
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Re: Celtics must be better without sully
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Wanted to start a similar thread but yep absolutely...better without sully, everyone is rebounding better!  ::)

This team is giving everything to soon to prove a point and will be gassed when it matters