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Re: Hornets entertaning offers on Eric Gordon, thoughts?
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Would the Celtics be a title contender this year with Eric Gordon here instead of Rondo?

Straight swap.

New lineup

PG: A.Bradley, Terry, Barbosa
SG: E.Gordon, C.Lee
SF: P.Pierce, J.Green
PF: B.Bass, C.Wilcox
C:  K.Garnett, (Kenyon Martin), Jason Collins

Eric Gordon would give this team some much needed shot-creation and firepower offensively. A guy who can create off the dribble, get to the rim, draw fouls and nail long jump-shots at a high level. A genuine 20-25ppg threat. Has turned himself into a good passer and strong pick and roll threat.

A nice 1-2 scoring punch on the wing with Eric Gordon and Paul Pierce together on the wing. Plus, Garnett's offensive value as facilitator (high post shooting and passing) and sometimes shot-creator at center. A couple of offensively capable role players in Jason Terry, Jeff Green, Leandro Barbosa and Brandon Bass.

Eric Gordon is a good (but unexceptional) defensive player. He would be able to contribute about as much defensively as Courtney Lee can. Very good defensive player on chief rival D-Wade -- E.Gordon's lateral quickness and physical strength is very strong, very good at fighting off D-Wade's dribble drive game.

Is that team capable of winning a Championship?

I think it might be. It would have the defense and the offense needed to a win a title. Still a bit worried about the possession creation but, that team would be so good offensively and defensively, they might be able to work around that.

I already consider the Celtics a title contender

  Meaning that you'd be surprised that, barring major injury issues, you'd be fairly surprised if we didn't at least come close to winning the ECF?

I just don't evaluate these issues by how far in the playoffs we go. If we meet a bad match-up in the first round, and we lose, well that's that. And in the scheme of things would be disappointed we didn't go further.

What I'd be surprised though if this team is an easy out against anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if by chance we completely dominate the competition.

I'm more concerned if we perform well or not, I'll worry about how I feel about the results later.

Re: Hornets entertaning offers on Eric Gordon, thoughts?
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I think you're either overrating Gordon or underrating Lee if you think Gordon can contribute what Lee can defensively.  Lee gave Wade a very difficult time in the two games against Miami I've watched so far when he was assigned to him.  A much harder time than most players give him.
On Eric Gordon's defense ...

Watch Eric Gordon play defense on D-Wade sometime. He will surprise you. He is very effective defensively against D-Wade.

Overall, Gordon is a good but unexceptional defender but that is too simple a summary. It doesn't describe him well enough. Eric Gordon has very specific strengths and weaknesses and can vary between extremely effective defensively to a weak defender (liability) depending on the matchup.

His limitations defensively revolve around his lack of height / length and how he can be vulnerable to bigger two guards who can shoot over the top of him (especially post up guards) ... but Eric Gordon also has absolutely top notch lateral quickness (combined with impressive physical strength) and is one of the best in the league at his position at denying dribble penetration.

Eric Gordon is extremely effective at guarding an attacker of D-Wade's ilk. A fellow undersized two guard who doesn't have the size to take advantage of Gordon's defensive limitations + a player who (Wade) relies on explosive quickness and dribble penetration to create most of his offense + is not the strongest jump-shooter. This is exactly the type of player that Eric Gordon can really get under the skin.

Now, Joe Johnson in Brooklyn. That is trickier. JJ has the size to abuse E.Gordon as much as he wants down in the post (plus can shoot over the top from distance) and there is very little Gordon can do about it. That is the only matchup in the East playoff picture that I can think of that would cause Gordon problems. Chicago (Rip Hamilton), New York (Kidd, JR Smith), Indiana (Paul George), Atlanta (Korver, Harris) and Milwaukee (Monta Ellis).